Drake - Money In The Grave Ft Rick Ross (The Best In The World)

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Sh ook

that color picking is quite familiar ..

Madden Choate


Kurt Baban

You an animal ty

thank the gods!

Amir Sahawneh

That was AWSOME but can you make a kickball video

La'Ra24356 iok

Wait but I thought her father abused her...


Danielle Hopkins

these dudes just got basketball goals for days.

Blasti Nations

One day the goverments gonna get u for speaking too much

seriously, you should be able to like who ever you want, if your a guy, then you should be allowed to be gay, same thing with women and lesbian, even bisexual, pan, so on or straight, get out there and be you my friends, love yourself and love others, who cares what others think of you

Marwan Akaweih

lol littering

samiksha sahu

this video made me cry

Aida Panuco

My father moved dad never cared about me but his stupid video games!ugh! Now I hate my dad and I’ll never forgive him because he will not care about me if I forgave him!thats my stupid dad......f- him

Kapi Kaposz

It's Wilson ! Not Wollie :D :D


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Meng Plays

I'm too scared to about suicide

Nick Vielwock


Brayden Mahood

2018 anyone

Until this day i still hurt from those words. I hate myself more and more avery day. If any chance a parent was reading this all child need to be love and support. I am now 11 years old and still have a low self-esteem. Please love your child for who they are. I'm not saying how to raise your children but, please dont forget to let your child know that they are safe and will be accept by who they are.



neznáme meno duraško

pubg mobile


He looks so different... It has to be the beard

Eclypsa Queen

Wow . That's tough . As are you . Be strong.


Adam S

hey gurukid The Marathon Continues

TheWither Wither

Gaming trick shot