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Lyrics:Creepin down the back street on DeezI got my glock cocked cuz niggaz want theseNow soon as I said it, seems I got sweatedBy some nigga witha tech 9 tryin to take mineya wanna make noise, make noiseI make a phone call my niggaz comin like the Gotti boysBodies bein found on GreenleafWith their fuckin heads cut off, motherfucker I'm DreSo listen to the play-by-play, day-by-dayRollin in my 4 with 16 switchesAnd got sounds for the bitches, clockin all the richesGot the hollow points for the snitchesSo would you just walk on by, cuz I'm too hard to liftAnd no this ain't AerosmithIt's the motherfuckin D-R-E, from the C-P-Ton a rhymin spree, a straight GHop back as I pop my top ya tripI let the hollow points commence to POP POP POPYeah, cuz if it don't stopI have to put my shit in reverse, go back and take another stopCause I'm (Rollin in my six-fo)With all the niggaz sayinChorus:Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me rideHell YeahSwing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me rideWith all the niggaz sayinSwing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me rideHell yeahSwing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me rideJust another motherfuckin day for Dre so I begin like thisNo medallions, dreadlocks, or black fists it's justThat gangster glare, with gangster rapsThat gangster shit, that makes the gang of snaps, uhhWord to the motherfuckin streetsAnd word to these hyped ass lyrics and dope beats that IHit ya with that I, get ya withas I groove in my four on deez, hittin the switchesBitches relax while I get my proper swerve onBumpin like a motherfucker ready to get my swerve onBut before I hit the dope spotI gotta get the chronic, the Remi Martin and my soda popNow I'm smellin like indo-nesiaBus stop full of fly bitches and skeezersOn my dick, cause my four on hitPancake front and back, side to side, and all that shitSo when I crawl I comes correctNow, if your bitch in my shit, it's your bitch you check niggaNow let the Chevrolet slideAs I dip a nigga trip to the south side, yeah(Rollin in my six-fo) With all the bitches sayinChorusCheck this outThe sun went down when I hit SlaussonOn my way to the strip, now I'm just flossinCheckin my rearview cause niggaz they will doJack moves, black fools cause I smack foolsTry to set me up for a two-elevenFuck around and get caught up in a one-eight-sevenBut I don't represent no gangbangSome niggaz like lynchin but I just watch them hangSo on and so on, why don't you let me roll onI remember back in the dayz when I used to have to get my stroll onDidn't nobody wanna speak, now everybodyPeepin out they windows when they hear me beatin up the streetsIs it Dre? Is it Dre?That's what they say, every single motherfuckin day, yoBut I ain't trippin I'm just kickin itWhile my deez keep spinnin and these hoes keep grinnin I'll be(Rollin in my six-fo) With everybody sayinChorus

Fellow Templar

Why would someone state on social media that they have a relationship and other personal stuff. That’s like calling for an attention..

Daniel Fleming

2:15 animation mess up the waitress has no cuts or bruises on her arms

Kulsoom Khaleeq

Ok soo, anyone noticed that the boyfriends hair was navy blue, girlfriends hair was brown, and hell no, the daughters hair were FREAKIN ORANGE!!!

TaFf PayPalCardz


Wency Camacho

this a best trick shot

Rashad Dernaika

how was the intro cool they just broke a glass

The Grease Man

This game will Perish in 2020

Xnathious Crisillian

Build a wall🤣to keep out the ocean🤣right.

100,000 Subs without a video

When someone takes 4 hours To reply then you reply instantly

Carl C. Carl

On the plants vs zombies Easter egg you only have to do up down left right.

- Halo infinite

Griffin Smallwood

Ty should not do it

Eli Guzman

I was suprised when she said she would take him back. He did something that should never happen. She forgive him but NOT do that


this makes me want to replay max payne

Nathaniel Richards - Brampton Centennial SS (2502)

thats insane

Paula Hernandez


Winter Xox

? I!

Bev Robertson



so i'am gussing that thease are diffrent pepole

Anime Nerd

Gloriana: “You’ll never get a girlfriend!”


saints row reference in red faction


I'm tired, don't judge me.

toni stranjik

Amazing Just amazing


Lol, at 4:58 he's like "Oh shi-"

Hennessy Diaz

Vi Pin

Poor her like my commet if you feel bad for her too


i am kind of in the same situation as you were (maybe not THAT painful, but still enough to make me cry out of pain). I have cired myself to sleep countless times and all i can do when i come home from school is to lay down and do nothing, i can't even sleep. Even after 3 years of countless doctor appointments, they still can't find out what is wrong with me.

up my ass

I would pay you to talk quietly in my ear.


There’s nothing wrong with being gay



When I saw the headline I thought for a min...


It's the only one I play now because its the only one that lets you LAN for PC


I understand all of these LOL

Humain Society and education

Lol I’m making a costume for the renisance fair this summer

Toast With A Gun

bReAtH nOiSe


I got that funwithguru


What kind of action camera do you use?

Mas Roeroen



This was really frustrating to watch. I wanted to punch Ann-xiety right in the face

Kittens Are cute

Appendicitis? For appendicitis your appendix swells up and if it isn’t taken out in time it will explode and kill you, surgery cannot wait a few weeks idk if this is real because it doesn’t make sense to me

soso Alhudeeb

how to make a nother name to tag someone

mdchrud mdchrud


Adasyn Hayes

Garrets t-ball fail

Fuck around, give you my last name (My last name)

Nerf Tastic

stephen curry or lebron james

Morgan Maguire

This voice is multiple vids anyone else


I had no idea that parents could be adopted...

Nathan Monte

You wanna know why God hasent came to kill everyone yet its because jesus is taking to long you know what God said come on jesus the humans aren't gonna shoot themselves then did

Magical TiTans

How you are doing like this. I think you have got it after many practices


whats the sooong :(


Real and Straight


Mr. Panda's Show