Drum Fills For Beginners | Easy Beginner Drum Fill | DRUM LESSON

-- Get the FREE sheet music for this lesson here: my lesson on Your First Drum Beat: nothing quite like the feeling of being a beginner drummer. Drum fills for beginners need to be simple. This is a drum lesson with an easy beginner drum fill that will have you drumming along to songs in now time.Here's some more beginner drum lessons:Easy Beginner Drum Fill System: First Drum Lesson: To Set Up Your Drums Correctly (3 Tips): To Set Up Your Drums Like The Pro's: a comment below and let me know your thoughts!#StephenTaylor #Beginnerdrummer___FREE drum lesson series "Creating A Drum Fill Vocabulary": download "30 Days to Better Doubles": practice lesson series "Transforming Your Practice Time": Setup From Left To Right:All ZildjianHats: 16" EFX Crash on top16" K Light Top Hat on bottom18" Kerope Crash22" K Custom Dark Complex Ride22" Renaissance RideDrums:Tama Starclassic Bubinga with Tiger Wood finishSticks:Vic Firth 5ADrumheads:AquarianClassic Clear on toms and snare resonantResponse 2 on toms batterHi-Velocity on snare batterRegularor (Ebony) on kick resonantSuper Kick 10 on kick batterAlclair In Ear Monitors #StephenTaylor #BestDrumLessons

Evan Kalinka

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where do I send my resume to?

MJ the ARMY and Ravenclaw

Olivia: Why is gma black???!!!

Lonetti 71

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Waimarie Heap



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Gacha Studior

I'm sorry, what?! Its her parents that did this to her and she still loves them!

Low-key maybe they should but I don’t know this is a weird video

Skyla Lilly


My mom tells me that I need to stop being shy, but I can’t. I physically cant. In my mind I constantly being judge on all my actions, I can’t even ask my teacher a question about the assignment in fear that she already went over that and I didn’t hear! I need a break.............

asha goyal

They use camera visualisation

Ali Abdullah




christine pauwels

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Trzy tygodnie później, gdy moja mama odwoziła mnie od szkoły, zaczęła "tę rozmowę" ze wszystkich miejsc, to musiał być samochód. Ale nie miała nic przeciwko, bo po tamtym śnie, zrozumiałam jak ważny jest bezpieczny seks niezależnie od sytuacji czy okoliczności. Nie tylko zapobiega niechcianej ciąży ale i chroni przed chorobami, jak na przykład AIDS.

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Nathan Cheung

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Names Are Irrelevent

Somehow the best music blends with the best videos





Are you the gate keeper I’m the key master lol

this is the problem, so many people have such little self worth that they allow them to have the first hit... and then the second and then the third. anytime you enter a relationship you need to set the ground rules straightaway. just as people do with cheating - cheat once and i will leave. well likewise go in saying 'hit me once and i'm gone'. a lot of the times the first hit is a light one because they are testing the waters, seeing how far they can go with you. if you forgive a few shoves or a light slap, the next time it will be harder. then it will become more frequent. then the control will happen. i'm not victim blaming, just explaining. leave after the first inappropriate manhandle - NO EXCUSES. doesn't matter how much you love him, how much hes giving you, how sorry he is, whether you have kids together. if he hits you once, he WILL do it again!

Danyaal Essack

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Michael Herdzik

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magma lan

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Model Fashionista

I feel so bad for her :( I dont know what it's like bc I dont have cramps. Although I notice if you dont have cramps you're a heavy flower. Yet if you have cramps, you tend to be lighter . Just from my observation on friends and family (no hate needed)

peter stylianou

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Tevatinn x

As someone who couldn't stand Dead Island, is Dying Light any good.

Sangavi Akash

Where is your office in Dallas? I want to meet you guys. I’m big fan of you guys.

Christopher Kearney

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Funtime Freddy Ennard


Katie Holmes


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Bro this is what I'm going though too I live in America and now I have moved to Germany tried to make friends still hasn't worked out for me

And yes, there’s going to be one person replying to me or at least thinking that “it’s payback for her bullying Mary all that time”, or something like that. But just because this young woman made a big mistake, doesn’t mean she needs it straight back in her face. Assuming this story is true...everybody is being a bully as well.

Cooper Norman

How tall is Cody?

Noah Carrier

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Heath Timpe

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Jessica Torres

is any body gonna point out that when they said greater than 300 they put the less than sign😂

Susan Donoghue

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Ryan Brisby Jr


Karla Vlogs



I’m glad I now have a new set of friends who are homophobic shitbags just like me!

Crusty Amy

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