E-40 ft. Willie Joe, Nef The Pharaoh - 707 []

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blacksmith animation

that was from the end of Seven.


I was so concentrated that when my pomodoro alarms rang it scared the bejesus out of me. I should be working.... BTw the Edward Scissorhands made me tingle from the tip of my ears to the back of my legs, I also wasnt expecting to tingle to the voice of Voldemort, it was weird hehehehe

Noah Cochran

100 likes=1 win for coby

you better not-

you have always been a golddigger if you are and in my opinion, you can't become one.

Vivien Petre

Few years ago I told my mom how I feel and I need a professional help. Her answer was that "What if anyone will see me? She doesn't want to feel ashamed that her child has a mental disorder"

Sejal Patel

1:27. Codys balloons was 3, not 2 on the bottom, but Cody actually had 2 balloons. I think that was a glitch

Nevin Leander

1:30 No God Please No

blinkoncearmy _

And here my "friends" are thinking I'm lazy when I don't even have motivation to simply live because of this.

Rush BlushX


Kim Chong

Dudu perfect is still alive!!!

Samuel Roy

Nice !!!!!!!!!

K M Boli


Sanaa Murdock

Team necklace

You Said What? Nani?

Is this the new hentai I ordered

the jokester clown

did any one notice Tyler pants ripped at 3:14-3:21

Help regarding this will be appropriated,

Mashed Potatoes


Katie Tato


Ragnaroserino Kripperino

first easteregg : double rainbow what doest it mean?....DROP IT :DDDD

Double Orts

2 in 9, thank the Seven.

Nikolai Orr

The last time i was ever at a driving range ( not too long ago) from the time of upload of this comment. I wasn't doing so well so I started listening to music and I was literally hitting every single golf ball with almost perfect hits this was with another class from the college in new zealand I'm currently in

Mert Tarı

testing unit

Hasnain Awan

Are you a real human or alien

14craaazy 40


zacharia chow

where do you guys get the bubble gum


They play cs go bro

Nova Emz

Did she say I get a B I get a c or d

Esteban Ventura

Eye balling the work shit don't touch a scale oooh my real street niggas know what it do with that what's up been eye balling the work whatttt


Waking up your wife floating above the bed

Cian Murphy


Mr_x 1992

Love your channel man! So many secrets discovered, and many more to discover

Gamer_ Dude9299

Guy thinks is slow flow I love the video please like all the other people this video with the basketballs so amazing

Just Elizabeth

Ok i neeeed to know who is filming this; please?


Interesting stuff man. Thank you!


Loads assault rifle

Electric Tiger

I never stood up to by bully, I just never cared and it worked!

zainab fathima

And I am wondering that isn't there a comment about where is Ty's beard?Like if you did too

Ron Cohen

7:02 The realestion of sadness

Night Hawk_bot


ryan bencomo

this is so annoying.

QNM S1lv3r

by the way that pyramid is not bigger then the one in egypt

Hammer wondo

Ty: My Name Is Jeff derpity deep derp derp

dylan peritz

my son is unbelievable

robert williams


Chris Crum

World, im CC!!! Actually, i was 13 in the cd generation!! i got a walkmen cassette player at the time but i was in a the bottom of low class lifestyle!! im CC!!!

Vadeheartaj AJPW

There is NO sound in space sound can’t travel through space. If a rocket ship explodes you won’t hear it and there will be no fire either.


Why do I love the way you sound??

Aiden Harting

You wont make it

Oliver Doningo


art_ ed

Wow, gosh. I am sitting on my bed watching this video realizing how much nice and brave she is and so is her parents. I am just crying all over. How hard our parents work for us, my god!


this is so sad

The God Guy

I got Pinnochio almost instantly


Did you know that you can't catch your breath when you smile.

y i k e s a r o o

It was a great comic book movie.

Cupcake Confetti

Dear dude perfect, don't be so mean to coby he tries his very best and who knows maybe one day he will be tired of being bullied by you guys and quit dude perfect so just be safe then sorry and be nice to coby team coby for life