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Preston Beiler

is the panda a boy or a girl


Bruh. This girl does NOT need to be quiet, she was standing up for HERSELF. There’s nothing bad about that, and she doesn’t deserved to be called a jerk. The other guy was the jerk, not her! She just got sweet revenge in the first ep, and I’m sure you enjoy when you get revenge on someone.


i dont think that was fake they just put them in hight speed

At 3  I still didn't talk

Nalita Promraksa

I’m so sad i cried

Rainbow Laugh

Do some with mesi

ASMR 6:45



Gamer Pro

God I love zeke cause he was on the Buckeyes So Go Bucks then Go 49ers

Jamison David

*It's a giant cockroach

john great


i hungry

Caden Vermillion

dont you guys love how cody is the only one with out a hat

Alex Poje

Youshouldmake a cooking stereotype I think it will be awsome


Wish he wud have showed us location on the map :P


carlos sorto

what is a113

brontosaurus the egg

now i want to see what she looks like

Seth Glautier

Playing some golf.... better quip ma side arm...

BlaseSavage 11

You can definitely put a charmeleon in a box


*THIS IS ONLY MY THEORY OK?? * (btw im terrible at making theories, and i sometimes miss stuff, so.... sorry i guess if professional theorists read this T^T) when the troll said "the past is not what it seems" she's either gonna find some stuff about her parents, i hav no proper proof of that whatsoever though, aside from the fact she was in a plce near the ocean, and the ocean is where her parents died. OR she's either learning about the past of her powers, bcz if u didnt see it and connect the dots, there was water, that went berserk, or it was just the weather, but since there were like magical stuff going on in the water, that's what i thought about and there was fire! purple fire that meant it was like magic or somthin. Then there was that huge earth or land troll... It seemed like it was close to elsas powers, since u know... elsa made a living marshmallow out of snow. but if elsa MADE that marshmallow, does that mean someone made that huge earth or land marshmallow too??cuz when you think about it, in the first trailer there was a girl who wielded the power of the wind, and her powers were similar to elsas (cuz u know she can lift people up using air/wind, just like how elsa did the same thing tk ana but with ice, tho it semmed more like the wind girl hoisted the other kid up with air, but idk).And maybe those horses represented an element, cuz there were tons of like those star or ice things(ice might hav represented elsas powers), and maybe that horse was a water type spirit... idkand btw since that little girl in the first trailer had powers, that means elsas not the only one. but when u think about it... does that little girl live in that area, or was she also there to know about how she got her powers like elsa, and a meet up of other people with strange powers might happen too, since there might be another element holder like i mentioned before with the earth marshmallows possible creator.idk but these r just my theories and im terrible at making them.if youve come this far to reading this then congrats TwTsry if i hav any typos or big mistakesif u hav ur own theory dont fight mine with urs just tell and explain them, dont use it to argue, this is my opinionated theoryedit: if u hav theories that can help with mine or somewhat connects with mine, u can add them up if u want

Dqrk ツ

Invincibility glitch

Peter Kim

The evil within 2 meta part had me dead

William Derner

Kim Jong Uno duno

DesMundi F

"Some MF are always trying to ice skate up hill" Blade


Panda drives the white car

M. Asim boi

Cody camper lol nice

Lmao 🤣

Rr Alejo

Love yoouu!!

Cameron Crank

Why do we need school


were did you get the gun from

Lop Kam

Great video

sameena fathima

Awsome water bounce



Maggie Herreria-Keeping

Wow, Link doesn't like something. Who woulda thought🙃

CSD Jacky

pause the video and hold up button, you will be able to play snake game

Raid Syathir



Maybe you could adopt a kid or have another baby

Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

Thank you MinuteVideos for posting this!! 🤩🥰

Cheng Saetern

As much as I want the Warriors to win, the Warriors lost the moment SAS picked them to win the finals. He's had a bad NBA prediction record for the last 8 years. It's the Drake Curse vs SAS Curse. Which will prevail? lol

Aiden Rogers


Kaynen Wathser

no iPod?

Nathan Miranda

Steph curry


So when we getting the update? When when when

Gonz Bros VLOGS


Galaxy Marcepan

i was in mental hospital too! i was there for 2 months tho and never again- i think..

Emma Thurman


thi CC

vik is cute

yamile I

So...what you're saying is that if I follow my dreams and become a writer I will become thy skinny legend? :D

Karasu Ootori

Lol is dis really a true story???

Jay Shah


They aren’t human either they are an Evil race of beings called Reptilians research “The Matrix Reptilian Neo” for more proof.


Nice ending!

Make objects

dude perfect I think you need to have a pool