Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Official Video)

Brand new album DELIRIUM out now, including LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO and the new single ON MY MIND.Buy now:iTunes: Store: now:Spotify: Music: Ellie:#LoveMeLikeYouDo #Vevo

Olivia Burns

Anyone else tired of seeing Ty win

Fucking Autism

When my gf was 12 she had severe anxiety and ALWAYS had panic attacks and I’ve had depression since I was 12

It misses and car explodes.

MPS _Gdex

the first Starbucks that they went to with Mama and Papa rug when rug said you can slit it between you guys the guys look on his face😂😂😂

Psycho Pie

When I heard that he hit the baby I almost broke the universal laws found out where he livin but a plane ticket and smack him to the lost knuckles and make him show them tha wae to wakanda


plot twist: I was waiting for that dragon to come whoop your ass.

Zane Benoh

These guys are bad at all!!!


Man you deserve 10 million subscribers!

Missy Kitty

Are you from storybooth!?!!?!

Maybe I’m Nice




that sword cut through it like butter


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Gjana Larson

Yo go, hon. He promised you, your parents, and your daughter. If we wants to have an affair with other women, let him be miserable. You are so strong for this. Good job!

Your Hero

the serious sam one scared the shit out of me

Vladimir Basco



Dude you guys are perfect!!!!!!!!

Strana Vörhal

6 Pounds? wow that is really cheap...

ViZz Gaming

2019 ?

Xander Bookman

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юсиф гулиев


The more accurate information about different mental disorders there is, the less stress and stigma for everyone, especially for those suffering from a mental disorder

steven chrisjohn

i like idea 9

Blackhawk2099 Matthew Frost

I hope they get this

Tehya Martinez Alvarez

That is why I go to a private beach