Elvana Gjata - Lejla ft. Capital T & 2PO2 - YouTube

Music video for Lejla ft Capital T & 2PO2 performed by Elvana Gjata.Music by: Flori Mumajesi, Elvana Gjata Lyrics by: Flori Mumajesi, Elvana Gjata, Capital T & 2po2 Audio production : Threedots Productions Video productions : Max ProductionCopyright (C) 2016 Threedots Productions. #Lejla #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo #CapitalT #2PO2Elvana Kom big booty booty like dis.. Ama jo per bisnes Di edhe une me fol pist.. ama jo per bisnes A a don me lujt me lejla? A a don me lujt me lejla? A po don mo? Ti ca po don mo? Krejt i kam bo Une per ty i kam bo A po don mo ? ti ca po don mo? se krejt ca kam bo Une i kam une i kam une i kam sic i don ti!Capital T Krejt industria sytë ne lejla , ama na edhe pa to po vlejna Problemi eshte qe une shume Po vrehna Prit a t'thash qe apet une kthehnaFame is a devil po sjena tu u shty un jom krejt tjeter level Isha marr me ty po ti sje kurgjo special Kurr ska my kry never Se qkado qe bejme na eshte perjetshemTi kallxom qka po don me boooooo Kur une t'gjuj me lejlaaaa Ti kallxom qka po don me booooo Kur e din qe t'muj me lejlaaaaaa2PO2 Mos me na u myk ja bojm do bira thesit Lejlat për neve për ty gishtin e mesit Loja S luhet n'qoshe qata pi hina mesit Me art ju bojna dom si n'futboll koma e messitNa po rrina Cool tjert gjakun tu e nxeh Karvani 200 n'or ju si qeni tu e leh T'vjetrat si kom shit ama t'rejat I kom ble Gishti o ka kan niher komzen me ja ngrehHajde ti kallxom Nese nuk po beson pa mpa hajde tash lujna me lejla X2

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Anyway Good Video

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Nice work as always man, I remember the fallout 4 one. I was helping Travis and I had heard about it so I was like y'know what, I'll go see it, so I did. The first one was funny. Keep spewing out the great videos guru. Support like always. Until I forget. Woot woot

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you guys are the only youtubers I watch! you guys are amazing, i'mm your biggest fan


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