why they are in hurry to put off their cloths by Akhter Abbas 2019 Urdu/Hindi - YouTube

Never do it with a stranger or a new friend ,you have to pay a heavy price rest of your life .In thisvideoAkhter Abbas raises a questionin this video that whygirls are inhurry to put of their cloths in initial meetings .Is it just to please the guy or something elsefamily coach Akhter Abbas shares his valuable findings tohelpour youngsters for their valuablerespectful ,characterful lives & to avoid disaster in their life after such a mistake.Akhter Abbas is one of the most respected trainer,writer.He lovesto help& guide his viewers & listeners just to please his Allah Almighty for a balanced & satisfied life here & hereafter .You may contact him on whats app +923327468746 ,+923009468746 for appointments for a regularpaid counseling& consultation sessions as well as for 5 mint free sharing on Mondays ,Tuesdays at 9 am to 10 am

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