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Era Istrefi - E Dehun (Official Video)Listen/Download:Spotify: us:Mixey (AuthenticEnt.)Melody: Era IstrefiLyrics: Era Istrefi & GjikoConcept & co-directing: Astrit IsmailiStyling: Astrit IsmailiSpecial thanks: Lia Stublla, Cool Design & Boutique GetaMakeup: SellmaHairstyle: Kaci Lleshi(C) Era Istrefi, 2014#EDehun #EraIstrefi #Bzzz #Mixey----------------------Lyrics/teksti:Un pe du dikonDikon qe shumepo më mundo-o-o-nUn pe du dikonQe nuk besonSe dashnia ekzistonUn pe du dikonDikon qe menonQe kerkush nuk e donUn pe du dikonAj nuk din me vlersuSe k-k-kush pe don'Uh nananaUn para se me ik shum largParararaDu me tthon je kon shume ngatUh nananaUn para se me ik shum largParararaZemren n'dor un ta mar ta mar..Shots e tekilla edhe birra bonPer me hek do t'keq ti veq i combo (kombinon)Edhe pak bob marley bonSo when I rollMo nuk nalna as n'patrollUh ra pam pa pamBeat-i po ma thenEdhe vena o' ka m'nxenEdhe nese ska dashniAt'here ka sa t'dush raki per me piDoesnt matter what you gonna say about me x2Tash per qdo nat pi raki edhe venAman..aman'nat pi raki edhe venAman..oo-oo'Nat pi raki edhe ven,dikon qe e helmon po mu po m'ngushllon'Nat pi raki edhe venE ti shut up shut up shut up shut up

Nathanael Jimenez

do you should do a new segment and open Pokémon packs


he actually said "he's walking away" "we should retire"

Jonathan Moody

Do another A.S.G.B.E.T.I.B.A.L.T

Joshua Avila


Son: I do


Wow, your vídeos are awesome, the editing form and the work it carries.

Adrian Garcia

lol is guru a kid?

Sarah Tosis

My mom has bipolar. I understand this video. It’s so much more than mood swings and it’s very unfortunate

jack smith

awesome game

Taylah Martin

do police steroytypes


(1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

Gavin Sosbe

Skeves Dezel

you shoud do a water fall battel

Edit : Guru

Arron Wilson

Dasha’s Vlogs

Me: i have a headache

STC 123

I hate having anxiety. It controls my whole life

Abira Waleed

50% of the comments: Alvin makes giant food and inga makes food look cute

Hazel Wass

panic! At the disco

Paladin Gaming

Finally someone mentions #7

Damion Hosey

I’m in 8653


fuck off tyler

Wolfie Demøn

I want to be who i am

Lillian Kline

Every time I see the scene at 1:40 I get really angry because Harry is literally writing down what Snape is saying (ie. He’s PAYING ATTENTION). Then like a minute later he yells at people for not writing stuff down.

The Dinosaur Heretic

Jeff Goldblum unintentional asmr is beautiful. I want it for myself

This man is a true god.

Panda Productions

Aight I’m working at Starbucks now let’s make a resume

Felix Pewdie

Who Cleans Up After The Ragemonster

Nicole Le

She waits last minute to be there to her mom , ur mom takes care of u all ur life and yeah it’s bad she struggling w alchole but that does not meant ignore ur mother for 7 years should’ve been there for her except for leaving, what a disgrace .

Bake squad Family!

Who is watching in 2016

Evan Rogers

I actually appreciate that they made the characters look a little different than the MCU. It makes the game a little more of it’s own entity and I really appreciate it. Major love to the MCU!

Wen Ricky

Is it just me or are the graphics a bit worse than ff15 and 7 remake

keara aled asor


Pineapple Fruit

Why do girls get the bad stuff


Kiss you hand 10 times