España vs Perú - Final - God Level fest 2019 Perú - YouTube

Evan Nagao


They want me to let it go

Kxng Leo

Pray for Anwar and Hannah as he got in a box just to get out of it

Sergi Gimenez

whats the name of the dilm 1:20?


Palms are swety , arms heavy , moms spaggeti

Lizzie SunSun

My mom is one of the reasons I have anxiety and indecisiveness. I have two brothers that have Autism and my mom had to pay a lot of attention to them and then my sister came along and my mom had to worry about her. I feel over looked, that my opinion doesn’t matter and that I annoy everyone and I don’t ask for things I need a lot of the time.

Lazarloser 1


Gigi Joplin

I have struggled from family problems for a very long time and at first I was just depressed but as I got older I found myself with a problem with my anger. I would break things and often hurt myself to relieve myself from the anger. But I wouldn’t cut because it is too obvious. When my mom found out she threatened to send me to a psychiatric hospital and that is the only reason why I try to control my anger and now sometimes I will be depressive but not as much as I used to because now all I really have is anger and it can be bad but I haven’t done anything super destructive

Dana Thomas

good job ty

Joi 23

Marbles is the best model in the world ^^

Nancy Vue

DO a nerf battle

Somesh Raja

Billy had a better pose

Dhruv Jain

Try playing cricket

Patrick Boulet

Who else yells that’s unfortunate outload




elianny perez


Eli Rivera

Outlet wats

Half-life fan 39

It's uvula u prvrt


Sorry, stupid comment.

Venkata Gopal

TY. You have a beard.


Congrats 💞.

Ryder Thill

i dislike the dislike

Tricia Carroll

The icicle knife is a reference to team fortress 2.its called the spycicle

Bryan Carvajal


Phoinex Girl

3:21 Cutie pie jungkookie 😘


ty left cody hanging in 0:40

Crystal Haddan

You rock Dude Perfect, and I'd be exited it you do a Model Rocket Battle 3.


The skin of Solid Snake is orribile on this prospective,with this graphics.

Sophie Fraser

As soon as she said a boy who goes to wizardry school I was like mmm j.k. rowling

Yeng Her

really high altitude

Dung Tran Quang

Parent's mistakes are for you to fix it in the future.

I thouht it was some real catfish stuff but na just everyfay things.

G Datta

I'm crying

Diana and Anna Anna Show

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.Quote by Albert Einstein XD

It's scary,I'm scared of my dad,I'm scared of them thinking I'm faking,I'm scared because it will be too late

Rebecca Hall

Cory sucks

Family Fun With gaming

At 2:52 right when he throws it u can see it's a credit/debit card



Raikou Playz


Tyler your videos are sick Cleary

My favorite football team is the giants


I thought I was born early lol I was born like only 2 weeks ahead XD


Killzone 3, Resistence 3, Kane and Lynch 2, Spec Ops the Line and mote easter eggs for left 4 dead 2 please.