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Are we ever gonna have another episode


so that would be everyone in the world except 15891 people :D


It does seem right. Also what video games do you plan on attacking for Easter eggs next?

Ranger x gaming

I think it’s good to be a friendly waiter but not overly friendly

Baradock Mui

Love the rage monster

Devin Hinman

Round one was fancy


check out my canadian channel :P

Alan Bravo

I still think in my head wtf

Nippy Bridge

if you want to fight things out in court when someone did something to the other person... i hope you understand it like this, with my limited english

Galaxywolf Fiona9811

Please be nice and finally a Malay one

Eric Talavera

We have the same birthday but not the year

Fordman Robinson

Low budget week eh


Hes crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Domino cracker

Pay pal is great


In the suburbs there is an easter egg next to the doors of the majority of the houses. the easter egg is from the walking dead game the telltale one, the signs next to the doors are what the people in kraftford used to mark houses

Mahima Kochar

dude to 888111

ThatsSoRaven nhjk

You know, it was the right move to tell them she didn't know where she went. Who knows what would happen otherwise!

Sub to PewDiePie

Pikachu abuse

Tim McCutcheon

it looks like they are having sooo much fun

4You2Enjoy Me Lara



Fuck you guru🙂🙂🙂🙂

N_ HaPpY


Thomas Galea

GTA 4 referencing SA, and L4D2 referencing Portal are my favourites.

Caleb Sarangi

Garreth invisible robe

Shashwat Sahai

Dudes! Sell tickets for this. It's way more cooler in a park this way than online!

June Busboom

kris bryant

Hope Ostolaza

Grayson: ~you can see the MAGIC~

Johari Affendiz

'YABAAMAICEEING' what the zombie said xD



Remember lads, its EA

Me: Wait Waa? 😐



to refrence maximum overdrive

Agust Daddy

Yes, I sometimes always compare myself to others so that I can fit in. And even though I try to convince myself that my negative thought will just lower my self-esteem, I just can't help to stop comparing myself to others


The stuff that came out of the bottle buster would be so bad for the ocean wildlife.

Wendy Bird

Just because I love you.....

Sasuke Uchiha

What's your favourite anime?

Wizh Bone

i never noticed the last one until guru pointed it out

Sidim s

U should make a video called school stereotype

But i didnt pick it up yet after a while we talked he said "you know, a few minutes ago a guy punched me. I tried to choke him. someone stopped me, but I wanted him dead. "


can we all take a moment to appreciate the drawings and the colors? so cool and calming! loved it💗

Cecil Arthurton

St kitts my county is like noth korea for spacael ed children like me

Fart Fart

3:29 is dirty

grrimm 101

Isn't it already on steam

Jenny Rock

Your eye makeup is stunning. Please list what you used!

Izz Me

Ok. Im depressed AND diagnosed with OCD ....MY LIFE IS FUCKING GREAT 👍 Im going to my psychologist and tell her that i felt i want to die every day 😕💡

Petal To Sky

it is not will happy or should happy / I AM HAPPY !!!!

Miyuki Junketsu

Detroit become human lmao

mohideen pjm

I subscribed your channel!!!!

Hylke Alkema



is this anime?