Everything Wrong With Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - "I Like It"

Nicki Minaj may "Like It", video but we certainly do not. Watch. Sin. Enjoy.Which music video do you wanna see sinned next?Tweet us: us: us: us: 405-459-7466Reddit with us:

Cyoot Dragon

Should I be worried? I got an ad for a Gta 5 clan

My dad knows that she is cheating on him


Guru! What song was that that you used for the title screen? I've been sitting here trying to find anywhere but I can't. Can you help me?

Hadley's reborn corner

She needs Jesus


You should do a Dallas cowboys edition maybe with witten or dez Bryant or Dan bailey

VolunteerFan 98

I can get out of 5 Chinese finger traps with all on my hand

East Side Reservation

just looking at it on tv LOL!

Mohammad Alghurair

Football ⚽️ is wAaa better

Yvonne Martinez

You guys have come so far & I'm just so proud. I felt the need to express my happiness for you both💜💜💜🌊🐙


Damn I guessed 330

I'm confused

Veronica Hernandez Murgo

Me gusta mucho es la onda


dont click "Read more"

Simon Adams

I have a suggestion for an overtime unfortunate punishment for the wheel, if I may. What about eating cold powdered eggs


the last secret in bo2 can be done by two or three players?


You actually sound like the one of those extremely rare type of YouTuber that has a legitimately natural humor about him, like you don't try to force it and try so hard to be funny, you just naturally are. You really should think about trying a commentary series or two.

Emilio Caro

the ending was funny haha

Maddie Grace

That was awsome and cool 😎😀😁😃☺🙂

D-Dizzle _

Most of them didn't work for me.

Giancarlo Picanco

I started acting by age 13. I just had my second play a week ago. However, many of the actors have started acting probably as toddlers. I would always compare myself to people my age but more experienced then I am and think that the younger actors will have bigger roles when they reach my age. I tried to make myself feel better by searching for actors that started later then I did but it didn't work. I felt a little discouraged about acting but I don't want to quit it.

Katrina Joy Daga

Bighit: We need to compile JK videos

Crystal Cotton

this is a little anime version

What's wrong? Free entertainment not enough?

Beatriz Sofia Catipon

Do some swimming stuff

Amber Bain

Where is the dude perfect building

pilmore films

Even know coby dabbed ur still my favourite YouTube channel


That looks amazing

Crazy j Stewart

I feel bad for you I'm crying for you get see your dad that long

Jkcrazy Gaming

JJ got so heated


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Toaster Bath ?

I had a bully and then a used pewdiepies disstract I’m them Yeah they gone


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I want to play with the girls

Zade Altemimi

Mr beast: don’t win and get $50000

Hi Ima fangirl :p

Intro: Kristin casually pulls out sunglasses from boobs.


This got dark

I like how it shows like they say never judge a book by its cover but you never really know much about a person until you read in further. No you


that is a cute dog.


"If i was the tiger i would eat him alive" LMAO


omg where do you get all this fantastic music

Jackson Scarberry

Do does not edit their vids they really do it that's unbelievable but awesome and best do vid ever I don't know one that choud top this one


I think Tyler's signature dunk was the best. (Dude Perfect 2)