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Dancau Alecsandru

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Just as long as NY charges itself, because global warming is myth.

Sam Song

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Gaming Pro tv

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Luke Hauser

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Naruto Spirit

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Isiah Med

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Anna Lopez

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Leah Fosdick

This is an amazing story! I hate global warming...

taylor Christopher

Omg how did they get away with that?

Gacha Bae

I did not like it when Tyler got shocked

John Davis

I don’t always get jealous...But when I do, it’s because of something like this.....

Berelim gomez

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Bhjb h

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Zaniac god

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Its Aqila

Btw im from Indonesia, in Indonesia its was DUDE PENYET 😂😁

T.E.M !

why is this like my life story???

Yajat Gaur

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yummy_savaloy3 Rules

This is how much years it took to do this👇👇

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Ilona Lips

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