Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. Migos [Official Music Video] - YouTube

Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. MigosMr. Davis out now: exclusive Mr. Davis merchandise here: Gucci Mane

Jie Feng Chan

shame i supported u DP and still do

Zentorn B-Hood

Fuckwad xD

The Sniping Shadow

“I will throw you across the stage”

Ken Varner

Just think how much better he would have been if he weighed less!!!

Ban Ana

Based purely off your voice you must be a very sexy man.

Queen Emily

Damn, that voice is pretty sexy...


I love the music and the video good work dude


What about the Dark Souls boss in Super Mario Odyssey?

Eric Cartman

#50 on trending street

Nikita Muntean

Ty is such a try hard rip

Fortnite Clips

Wow you were not my favorite girl I just wanted you to. I’m not going anywhere else I just use to my friends and family and my parents and my mom day I had my own little.

Out Of Sync

You are my favorite youtuber!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you do handball?

Orange Foxtail

there is a star wars reference in far cry 4 a signature weapon called the HS77 the pistol looking like han solos blaster pistol One of my friends even has psychopathic tendencies because of how manipulative her younger brother is to there mother. Supposedly their brothers father, they have different fathers, had basically kidnapped and abused their mother, and their brother didn't know that. He also used the fact that they have different fathers to his benefit. My friend often has these thoughts of killing him, but always thinks of their mother, and how she would feel.

John Henson



Who knew that shooting the bells off someones boat would fuck up their boating trip.

Kelby Bellew

Guy flawless

Andrew Ewing

Lmao why is this even a big deal? Barely touched him 😂

Michelle Bau Sanchez

Very nice video. could you maby also make one of aristocracy.


Who else heard this on the radio then went to find it?

mom doesn't understand

libor stefek

They forgot the plays music out loud type

Awesome Gamer TV

what's funnier that garret throws like a 3rd grader, or chad not ready and water went up his nose.


Always waiting for rage monster


I got a leg tumor

Queen Avery

I am now use waiting for all the theory’s that are coming out that are about this trailer

Monique Celis

I am soooooooo hyped! Best news of the day!!! I haven't finished Breath of the Wild yet but the news of the sequel already in the works? That's super awesome! So when I finish the game and the DLC's it wouldn't be agonizingly long before I play the sequel 😍

Mutual subscription Like, there’s a fucking whole universe u have here...not even a different species of being other than human for a main?

Beccy Bunny

I’m in the top class at school but I can’t take it, the work is too hard and there’s too much. It stresses me out and everyone has high expectations. Last year I got moved down classes and my mental health went up by loads, I was happier, healthier everything. I studied because I wanted to not because I needed to, it was up to me. But then I got moved back up and now I barely eat, if I do it’s not healthy stuff, I have a at least 1 breakdown a day, I’m not happy, I don’t want to study. I hate life. And it’s crazy to think that it’s all because the government and the school are giving me too much, expecting too much etc. if I move down I’ll get called stupid again, my parents will be disappointed but I’d probably be happy again. I’ve told my mum this and all she said was ‘don’t move down, you’ll do better in life if you stay’ and my mum is really nice but this was one of the worst things she could’ve said to me. The one person I trust the most cares more about my ranking than my mental state and happiness

10k no vids challange!!!! 10k

You saw my name