Drake - Omertà (The Best In the World Pack) - REACTION!

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Guru, what about that part of the map that said " Here Be Dragons", is there anything there?


the Community one is so weird. It looks like theres no way you wouldnt notice it, but I dont ever remember seeing that haha

Christian Haddad

Portal 2?? o.o


Did they buy the plane , if they buy the plane it is nothing comparred ro thier office.


When you come back from apex into fortnite and you die to fall damage.


I know you are late because some of the easter eggs allready showed up.

Laura Stormo

Nice, dudes!!

Nikolai Vonkov

i laughed my ass off when it happened to me

Muhammed Bhaila

I don’t wanna play no games play no games .....

Angel XD

I never understand love but this kinda cute.

kyle hall

i just wanna know where they get a panda costume! thumb up so they can see and reveal this wonderful information.

Joseph A.

Ethan Dolan I support and admire u soul brother.

Ramon Capetillo

Just gotta say you are my favorite twin coby bcuz Barcelona is my FAVORITE soccer team of ALL TIME especially bcuz of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez and I also used to think Neymar wasn’t so bad but then he left Barca sooooooo yea. Ps this isn’t Ramon it’s Ramon’s sister

Ian Lindsay

who else thinks the main guy looks like tim riggins older brother?

Orange Puncher

Just think those snot nosed kids who play Fortnite only knows Keanu as the John Wick guy lmao

b r u h

Hmm why ami watching this in summer?

50 subs with no vids

Ion wanna be mean but what about losing weight

Gee Q Trill


Matt St.lawrence

oh fuck O.o

Mahnoor Shoaib

I'm sorry 😧😧

Remember to stay chill, kids.

Tyler Alex

The one at 1:30 GTA 5. That hit hard due to losing a dog to old age a long time ago. They do become your best friend/family. Even better than people at times.

Villa Salbeng

Uhh... can I borrow your win?That's a good borrow in my opinion


mf doom hell yeah

Jesus Hernández

She is Gregnant

Jay Daskalakis

Hey Guru, I have been watching your videos for at least a year now and all I want to say is thank you. When ever I am notified that you made a video I start to smile. Your videos are amazing, keep up the good work.

Lachlan Mcnabb

What type of guitar is used in the sample and what effects

Chandler:Loses the challenge

Emily Kitching

Dodolashes in D115. Discount code ekitchhh