YFN Lucci ft Rick Ross- Heartless (Clean)

A highlight from Lucci's "Long Live Nut" EP.YFN Lucci's new project Long Live Nut is a tribute to his mentor, Nut, who helped the rapper find his way in the industry but passed away just before the release of his debut mixtape.The best channel on youtube for updated clean music...Subscribe to my channel to stay updated..Like/Share & Comment For Your Favorite SongDJ EncoreI DO NOT OWN COPYRIGHTS...

This Kid in school got bullied a lot and got insane when he goes home.

RoadRunner WR

fuckin' Astro... every time.

Makyla L.

😭💔 this is sad I cried abt 4 times

Probable forced showing his skills on a skateboard, he thought he was slick


Flour blows up, who knew?

All jokes aside remember you only live once so live it to the fullest or you will have regrets. Be nicer to your parents cousins siblings and friends every day tell your self you are beautiful because it’s true!


I'm pretty sure vikk got more yes' than JJ


number 1: saw that episode and childhood was destroyed


       ███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄      

big peen eugene

When you do the one on The Package, you can't take down the AA guns' reactors' shield


a sound effect in this song kept making me think my dog needed me.....

Jamie Jamie

Dude you're British? Man you must get all the girls and some guys ;)

Phil Licciardi

What did the FAA say about this?Now that's a Jetstream.

Rozainab Tasu

Nice video

Vic Gene

Preordering badly


what stood out the most for me was the "you think you have time" line. damn this is how procrastination is created, the brain is powerful

Yuri Garcia

I can’t believe the ‘friend’ forced her to smoked and drink that was horrible


Damn, these guys know how to have fun !


Another example of this would be people judging their favourite sports team. When it wins, it's because their team is clearly the best. When it loses however, it's clearly because some players were sick, other team got lucky or some players in the team were paid to intentionally lose.

adrien diamond

You look even more grey

Magaly Ruiz

Grayson in the background at 18:48

Tiberious Fellatious

How do you get the batman of Zurr-En-Arrh, not sure if I spelled that right, suit?

Sherry Zhang

I think the line analysts actually spend more time analyzing then just staying in a line


Try the new World Trade Center or Empire State Building

Diamond A

I'm bi and have a girlfriend and only one of my BFF know and my gf used to be my best friend but after camp we started liking each other 👭👭💋💋💙💙💓💓💟💟

i come to watch his master editing

only human

Listen song then i start ashplat legends 😂