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I was given a cranky 486 that was headed out for recycling, and at first glance it seems pretty normal...but looks can be deceiving.LA Times article: connector image: specs: acquired by Diamond Multimedia article: MAGIC card information: Mouse image: consider supporting my work on Patreon: me on Twitter and Instagram! @thisdoesnotcomp----------------------------------------­-------------------------------------Music by Lakey Inspired (and Epidemic Sound (music by BoxCat Games (


Yo.....that was straight funny...thanks...I needed that laugh


Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon also has a little sidequest to kill turtles, but expect the unexpected; its a easteregg


what I m confused

Reagan Paige

I ain’t saying she a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke ***

Nihal yechreddy

who is watching after golfbattle3

But she lets him be a modal at 16

Analisa Hildebrandt

I tried telling my mom before but she denied it and i just want help and its actually not that easy to tell parents these things because you know they will get stress because of this and dont want to bother them ... Soooo yeahhhh 😟


Btw there is another one that i didnt see in the video, i think it is at night time in prague, (SPOILER) the mission with the dead Journalist, in the politicians basement the guard will go on Soloto portable gaming device and play a Deus Ex game on it, no gameplay or anything but it will say on it Deus Ex, i think it was Human Revolution, also the part in Vincent Blacks office doesnt look anything like the WatchDogs Attire :/


Last one is so sad :(


New Years resolution for me:

zach Martin


matthew oconnor

you should do a vid with nitro circus at pastranaland

my mom always gets so mad at me at the point of call me crazy and stop talking to me every time I cut my hair like it is never going to grow back... what a fun thing ... it always return!!!! these ancient stupid ways to believe!!! gosh!!!

Driks Lokee

Ouch when cody went in for the knuckles

Rosalba Mora

Que pasó ozu.. esta canción es un exito

no name


ad pops up


Yes, you have another option...

Amalia Salsabila

how short the official trailer do you want?disney studio: YES

Koko Tarantism

I had a net worth of 1 billion dollars on bitlife!

- サンケニー

All ppl here are introverts lol


what the... holy crap. that black ops teddy bear one was funny but scary. lol


at 2:28 i remeber a movie with a school teacher (female white skin) and a delivery man (male black skin) who were married at one part and then he like died in this other part when they got raided by other cowboys so i think its a movie refrence

skall ASMR

Wow I don't fear death as much now

No sé quién la dañó, pero

*Argya* -Dipaw-

watching this at 4 in the morning


That ending "Meow!"

The lemon


M. V.

I would die if Cuphead had a Dark Souls Easter egg in the expansion pack. (TBA)

Shotgunrain _AP

its photoshoped the ball curves the middle of the air big time obvious fake

- Matti

Same Chaney Houk

what did you just bring in this cursed land

My parents punish me by sending me to the dentist

Xavier Naughton

Anyone else crying??? Poor Family, it must be so hard.

But why ??

Brigitte Lewis

Red (Tyler) + Blue (Coby) = Purple (Garrett)

logan sparks 122016

Ty is awsome best ,never stop doing this


Joe Bro

Yeah camera tricks. NOT. It was all in frame and you saw the basketball come out his hand and all the way into the hoop. Where could the trick be? Not hating just wondering where your logic lies in that statement

Khanh Tran

Moral of the story: cheat on your significant other

Gerson Cuevas

She should have faced him and then tie him to a bed and teach him his place and to who he belongs ;)

Awsome Songs

That’s not a way to treat a girl!

Ralof Of Riverwood

That is not Sam it's Max

Milo Van eldik

Sick final kill

ThirdPartyEJ Juliana

They are trying to keep the H2O from illegally getting in.