Fix Your Soundcheck! (For Drummers)

The Ultimate Drumming Toolbox►you need to fix your soundcheck?Drummers are notorious for taking the longest to get ready on stage. If you want to throw that stereotype out the window and surprise your fellow musicians and sound engineers, here’s how to optimize your soundcheck so it’s quick, efficient, helpful, and stress-free:Step 1: Introduce yourself to the engineer0:11Step 2: Check your tuning 1:00Step 3: Check each microphone 1:49Step 4: Listen to the engineer3:02Step 5: Stay focused and relaxed 13:30Own your soundcheckThe drummer can make a big difference in how smooth soundcheck goes. Introduce yourself to the engineer, come prepared, and communicate. Listen and follow the engineer’s routine so they have time to adapt your drum sound to the PA system. You’re working together. There should be no yelling and no competition – only synergy. Do this and you’ll be fine for the rest of the day!►Facebook:

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