Shalom guys! I hope your day is great but better watching forgot our anniversary prank my boyfriend reacts. As requested, I decided to play another prank on my boyfriend, Gavin Magnus. My boyfriends reaction was so funny! I set up a special date and said that it was our anniversary. This is a double prank because I also got him a gift that wasn’t so great. Wait until you see my boyfriend react to the gift I got for him. How will my boyfriend react to forgetting our anniversary? Watch until the end to see if this prank backfires! ((CHECK OUT MY NEWEST VIDEO))Surprising Fans At Their Houses 24 HOUR CHALLENGE **emotional** ❤️ this is a joke I'm singing bad here to give Gavin the funniest anniversary prank ever! Gavin and I are in a boyfriend vs girlfriend prank war (BF vs GF prank wars). So COMMENT what team you're on Piper Rockelle *Girlfriend pranks* or Gavin's *boyfriend pranks*#prank #reacts*SOME OTHER PRANKS*I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK ON MY BOYFRIEND🤕💔- MY BOYFRIEND CHEATING Prank **Girlfriend REACTS** 💔- BOOTH PRANK**💋💋- MORE Piper Rockelle:Reaction Videos: FUNNY PRANK here's more:- Videos: Most Popular: -------------Follow Piper Rockelle:Instagram: Twitter: Famous Birthdays: ————**who was in the video**—————Editor, Filmer, Director: Hunter: Gavin Magnus:FRANK:Shaun: Piper Rockelle:Welcome to the official Piper Rockelle YouTube channel! My life is quite unique and I enjoy creating funny, fun,family videos including 24 hour challenges, fashion hauls, trending and sometimes messy challenges, prank, makeuptutorials, dancing, diys and simple everyday vlogs. I hope to make you laugh or cheer you up if you’re having a bad day, with my last to challenges, and pranks. These videos are for girls and boys of all ages. Sit back and enjoy! girlfriend


When the artist care about their craft


Was that Cody that said they need to retire?

Z Nall

You guys are amazing people. 👍. Don’t change

TT: 500M


Is it just me that realizes that he pulled all those references out of his ass? Lmao




If you pause at 3:02 it is so funny


So I take it that you didn't find the massive Lovecraft reference in the Dunwich Borers? Literally a pronunciation pun on Dunwich Horror?


Richard Smith

I'm ready to die, I feel like everything in my life that I was supposed to go thru has happened I'm ready for the other side.

Fernaldo Javier

Treyarch make 3 hidden teddy bears easter egg on every map

Crack face Stick 69

Love love love love love love....

taylor merlino

What ur fav weed

Ivan the Slav

Me Being irish i find that very racist

SVN Fashionn

Am I the only one who skips the talking and is just interested in the sneakers they buy?

Lyrixx's Channel


UndercoverElf6 _

Still get goosebumps 👍


When I was 3 I tried bacon for the first time

Hangout Veterans

lolz XD

Stevey Strikes Again "Typo Intended"

oh crackdown, how nobody talks about you anymore.

mighty lion

I got Harry Potter vibes don't know why


I like michael, he give out cool stuff =)


kids: i can see my mother belt in my mind!

azarya yunger

nice dog

Evan Danielson

The cops at the end were like fuck you


He didn't show woman praising in polish either :( 👗


hey the first easter egg is in San Andreas too! :D

Llama girl Drama girl

HOPE. Him: my period came.

Scrub Zero

PC still better😶

Frank Barbeite

early riser

Luc Thomas

G you love ♌️ 👈🏻

Neko-chan nyan!

:( I'm always worried about everything :( I need go to the doctor

Florin flo

People who dislike this are jealous

When I worked at a vet we would give it to parents that had to help their babies cross the rainbow bridge. I think it would be beneficial to you

Candy Phillips

Omg the music, the animation!! This looks SO amazing!!! I can’t wait!!!😍

Alisson Suárez

Extremadamente Muy buena

Ricardo Andrade

Joe rogan said bad ending what hello he doctor stopped it and the crowd is a bunch of dumb alcoholics dude cmon it’s their safety so great fight and two Awsome warriors

Đức Hiền

các bạn làm rất thú vị



Murnock Family Channel

I watched All Your Videos!!!!!

Llévame contigo (Woah, oh oh) Me: looks at the colors


So sad


Jonny Hekker best punter in the nfl : Greg Zuerlein best nfl kicker