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Mom: this is my normal walking speed

Marilu Villani

Outro song??

JaKodi Williams

They cuddling all wrong

Lmaoo he was so offended by that abbreviation

Random Guy40

time for me to hit the weights!

Third World Problem

"This card is as small as you." with Thor's accent, but with Bogut's tone. this video is funny.


what is frozen

Buzz Saw

1:14 the medieval swish

Simran Wasu

These videos require so much effort! And they are pretty well made. You deserve more views. Hope to see new episodes soon. Subscribed. :)

Awesomepaw18 Munoz

Team ty


You kids and your... Skyrim mods and Witcher III! Back in my day, we had to jerk off to low pixel count anime character sprites! You kids nowadays are spoiled!

Eivind Kløvjan



Jack Fines-Allin

Trampoline stereotypes????

Eden H

My older sister died for the same reason as you

Jude M


The Self Adjectated Gender

With a channel that has this much potential:

It's a joke

2080 anyone?

NightBro Samurai

Flip a tv


Aw, Man... I thought this game is WAR Z (Infestation). but it's not.

Weena H

Im sorry but can i know how to vote ateez song for 1st trophy?

Jennifer Vargas

Man, can't Beliebe this was 40 years ago.... And yes, we say Beliebe instead of believe (we also are required to capitalize it) because Justin actually became president, but hey, still better than our last 3 presidents, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and of course the dumb ass Obama.

Sato 必勝

Lit as usual

Gonzalo Vanini

I really enjoy movies from the 80's and 90's, old cinema in general. Back then, it seems to me, there was a desire to be artistic or at the very least produce something with a unique sense of estethics. Even action movies like "escape from new york" or "total recall" have a lot of elements that can actually be referenced and appreciated.

Jamie Rafferty

What is your dream job and will you ever do a face reveal

Firman Algazero

I love from indonesian🇮🇩

Grace McMillan

Love it

GhosTrainer 2648

3:13 “we didn’t speak English”

Chloe Spragg


Trang Bùi Thu

I'm an introvert person and it annoys me so much. I cant sleep at night because of this and it's also really hard for me to get on with others as well express myself. Keeping everything in mind is so exhausting. I really want to change myself...

Jann Bennett



Im crying so much this is so sad

Ruben Simien



i hate ty

azure _twiice

8:17 ummmm the people don’t read their story actors do 🤦‍♂️

Markella Kots

Well if it could be possible I would like to forget about some moments of my life. Like bad decisions or arguments some of my fake friends and my anger.