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and how she will return back if the storm is too far.

YunDroid '


Maximus Carlton


Joseph Eyolfson

Aww... I remember the original Shadow Warrior.  I was so expecting the saying when he showed the bathing girls. "Do you want to wash Wang?  Or do you want to watch Wang was wang?"  hehehe.

Melsteriffic Mama

Wait...why isn't Jen shopping, too?

rover 9 11

R.I.P couch

Amatolo medical Center


Isaih Obrien

When there's chief.

arthur malucelli

film messi Ronaldo or neymar

1960's Clint Eastwood

Dwight and Andy playing "Country Roads" together must be my favorite part of the whole show.

Hollow Bagel

The Clickers reference I’m here for it 😂

Taha imran

🇩🇪 Germany

Ashy Slashy

Rosar 6

Ese es mi equipo favorito

Midnight the hybrid

i skip breakfast for like 2 years i-i havent fainted....

Phallika Sum

She is so dum

Ms ballerina xo

Everyone loves the star family, sorry about your loss Jeffrey stay strong- were here for u through thick and thin ALWAYS blessed


Here before 1 mill+ views

Abbey Bevans

I frickin called it from the beginning.

Freaking Flips

I did these tricks in front of my friends and now I have no friends

Ho Lee Chit

waited 2 years for a refund on toaster oven. lmao

Rohan Rodrigues

I thought i would never get more confused when I watched this trailer but its good thing, at least Disney is not giving out many plot details

Clay Townsend

you guys are so funny i love you guys keep up the good work

Tim James



Now the liberals want to build walls lmao

victoria Caparas

You have car live in tent

faith faith

It's sad! I have seen many married man having a mistress!!! Why? Why are males not satisfied!!!!? Why do they not keep their vows! It's sad for all the women going through this! I wish every one would be satisfied with their own partners.... I know not all man cheat.... But I have seen maximum males do that to their wives.... I have seen woman do it too (but rarely) for man I've seen many married woman do that! I hope we all live in peace n honesty!

Petya Tsvetkova


The Angry bird Show

I'm sorry

VenomMods ‍

11:20 pm.

Calix Santos

The Leader is Tyler Normal for 11 year olds nvm


Great video! You always post great and interesting content!


thi is not an megalodon......a megaloddon is not 60.M´s long.

O For Gods Sake Kill Me

Anyone realize how they changed the name multiple times

I will give you an advise. If you want to stop smoking, don't do it in the first place, you'll be more addictive to it if you keep doing it.


Zhafran Fran

Woy mantap👌😍👌

youtube person

Wtf happy feet

Tavo Teveliukas69

aik lol

All Viral Access Media

I love this joint!! This goes hard. The Marathon Continues. Love Live Nip The Great

pug party

only if schools had this kind of flexibility

Malak Mustafa

Shut your mouth you women

John Fox


2025 - James Rieckewald-Schmidt

Jason tatyum


Congrats on the book!

Justine Astudillo

4:36 you can see panda's face well kind of ...

a good paying job and


4:20 you forgot to color a nail 🙃


Im glad you posted a new one

Keaton Maxwell Fields

cody and his dad look alike

spaceballs the username

His love and support for Hila during the whole video & labor process is fucking pure. Congrats to you both. <3

Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd

I relate to the father stuff

GCK3.14 Fourteen

Sorry, but TEAM CANADA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

ice cream chocolate

Ur life is not fair it's called life

Ruben De Santiago

I loved your viedo


another easter eggs is when you have no internet and the page with the dinosaur in the top left corner comes up pres space you can play a game where you jump and dodge obsticals

Dragos Mihai

Check-in, post photos and earn points. And why would i need that?