Friends! Best moments.

done by: MadNessX1O.....Friends.....TV show....Chandler.......Friends.....TV show....Chandler.. Best of Chandler in Friends seasonBest of FRIENDS

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30 mil subs!

lx moon

you look gorgeous Tati! 💜 love your make up

Sherry Ahsan

hole in one

AND..... is not your fault you were only nine.

And I’m a spoilt brat :D I don’t mean that in a bad way my mum spoils me and I know a lot of things I shouldn’t


handled the saw, and tractor like a boss.

Brandan Adams

Yo, Ty' can pitch.


3:25 why did buzz get the erection(boner)

Eldon Selmani


Tolga Kücükbiyik

Your voice is sex for my ears

Crystal Whalen


Ubisoft- we made a game for the wii

:.:Luca Buca:.:

You have a pretty soothing voice :)

Jjnick 18

I hate the cabs!!!!

Misha Shtykh

1:51 then for me !!! and think for everyone;)

zeaf winner

These guys are unreal

scott macabontoc

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Wow, you missed the tons of easter eggs in Silent Hill 1... Good list anyway...

Geo Dinoso

You can also see Steve Ditko in Miles’ phone book in another part of the movie :)

Michele Davis

Wolf panda eagle

Laila Al-Mwalad

I told it my parents, and first they supported me. But nothing helped and I cried in front of them every night because I am depressed. But then my mother said that I am selfish and arrogant and that I only want attention (I had an anxiety attack in school etc.) and if I cry one more time in front of them, they will never listen to me and won't care about me. That's why I don't talk with them about my problems anymore. Fun fact: I cry every night till i fall asleep or when I am alone, I am too scared to talk to anyone about my problem and depression. I gave up and told myself:" You gotta live with it now, nobody understands you, nobody wants to help you" And I won't care if I finally kill myself. Living is not my thing.


There is written this video was released 2 hours ago but all the comments are 4 hours ago,WOW

Eric Dixon

Chasing the scream is a great read



Cookie The YouTuber

There is no best country but some are much better then the rest.

Vicky Carrasco

hi first

Kaci Santamaria

me too

International Living Word Cathedral

Go hWks

Bridget Lenehan

2018?! Nobody ok I’ll go home 😂

Smh Fade

Rip nip

Sean Lyan

I m loving with the rage monster



Sadie Maher

My beloved dog passed last week. Seeing this video made me cry again for the billionth time. I want him back...but he is gone now.


EXPCalibur? Does it give you EXP to get you all the way to max level?