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MYAsin Akbal

japans are no smart they are using prepared codes thi s has not soul bietch

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown] + mf threatened that he would kill himself if I didn’t quit talking to my best friend and enjoying things I enjoyed lol yeehaw I’m traumatized 🤠

Shannon Hughes


Extreme Boss Gamingz

Panda is the best dancer

Kyota Darkness

At first i was confused on how to tame the storm with this item but now im starting to get it

JessArt Drawings

She woke up all dressed up on the couch and still believed that he did something to her. That part doesn't make sense.


Do one with roger Federer!

Russel Caleja

Wow how can you do that

Charlotte Locke

Is it me or do people with no hair look beautiful don't be sad be,proud that you survived this battle

Meredith B.

The office seen gave me tingles😂

Rockstar2288 Kid

The line crosser is me

Shah Putra

More member I guess

Rachel Bessett

i wanted it to be longer it was so cute my cwashton is why only 109k likes that should make a millon!!1

When these anxieties are tormenting you to a breaking point you must weep and get on your knees (even if you do not believe) and humbly plead for God to help you. God is real and knows what we need...he knows that you do need Him in your life. Anxieties are distortions that if you try to "think" your way out of on your own - you can't get out of and you can dig yourself deeper.

shahbaz khan

Overtime is best peeps


wtf jeff lmfao

Daisy Nuñez

We need more teachers like this. Teaching in different styles because guess what, we all learn in different ways, were not robots.


Adrian Sovré

I'm an introvert and it's nice sometimes and sometimes not so good

FireEagle 1128

I’m still reading this

Phoenix Studioz

Don’t mind me. No one cares about me. Nothing will get better. I’ll always be a nobody.


Why can't my finals be this easy?


Like for Radiohead (Daydreaming)


Disney: Did you want cliff hangers in the scenes?Frozen: Yes

Enzo S.

Segundo nossa ilustre ministra Brasileira, Damares, Elsa é lésbica. Que essa previsão esteja certa! 😂💙🇧🇷

Sean's Drone Videography

Beard vs Beard- invite James Harden

Roblox Gamer

YESCoby will Win

Kaylee Gonzalez

you are fuckt up

Killer Queen

i know who the panda is hes a secret

Giovanni Quevedo

Im team tyler

Михаил Зорин

1 poor shark!



Disposablehero_ ]

USA is THE greatest country to ever exist