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I want this now!

Callum Thomas

Red Dead is better. Red Dead's story is far better than GTA V's and so is the online gameplay.

Yusuf Arda Avcı

I thinkpanda

Luka Magic

I don't even go to Starbucks and even I know they are told to spell your name wrong you fucking half-wit


That was simon from the yogscast

Beastmaster 69

Why so exited all the time, u are doing the easyest things ever and going crazy for it🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Georgia Wilson

What a bitch XD

Your Gay Father

That's the Gameboy Advanced skin. The original Max Payne had a GBA port.

Nicolas weed

Amazing Editing as Always.


Those 7.9 dislikers are strangers...

Reed Choudree

Will hill


Lol I couldn't tell between Tyler and his dad


Dude perfect always make me smile :)

Kitty Gacha

Who else thinks Anna needs powers

Rowshon ara Begum

And more bettery's😂😂

TTGamer 981

2019 ha

I ain't tryna play no games

the_ Hoop-Slayer


Indah Nihayaturrahmah

This is soo me :")


I realize the us but Canada is going to beat them in the Olympics no doubt about it

Leixa ღ Shipper

Everything's happening wrong with that girl... I feel bad for her.

Trauma got me sick

This was pretty hard to watch, she needs counselling!


They must have been putting in some serious overtime not to notice the mistake in Bad Boys.

prakhar the great bhatt

How do I get your life?

I am only a freshman. A female with her life ahead of her but just out of reach. Darkness invaded my joy. I suffer from depression and sexuality inequality fear. Its unacceptable that we can't express our sexuality with out being judged or beat up. I'm bisexual and i proudly wear my flag of blue, purple and pink. My girlfriend of 2 years, is in her closet, afraid of coming out to some. But me, a Christian family sees it as a sin. My grandmother, i trusted her more than anyone. I told her. We were leaving a hospital, i had been nervous about coming out but i was glad i did. My grandmother didn't accept it. She told me my grand father would never see me the same again, he would shun me! Now i live open with my pride, no longer hiding from my fear of judgment. Surprisingly, many of my friends are LGBT. Though i haven't told my grandfather, i feel as if i lost a huge weight of my depression. No more did i have to worry about being judged! Now im sure im going to get my girlfriend out of her own closet.

Bully Pace Jr

So many drives ruined


Omg it looks so good


Pause at 0:46 lol


Of course everyone would think you were a homophobe! You literally said "no" to the question of "Do you support gays and lesbians." That is honestly the definition. You don't support them=you don't agree with them loving the same sex=you don't agree with their existence. Christ, why was this video even made? Imagine if the "difference in opinion" was about black people, or jewish folk? It's literally the same thing, and no amount of twisting it around and re-wording it is going to change that.

Ethan: "Ohh yeah I'm the one with the baby blue Porsche"

tomato man



Their location was at Manila, Phillipines


i wonder who had sex first hmmmmmmm. jp

blackpink blackpink

1 like=dp pls do the pause challenge 🙂🤞

Spindly Zoom

Now I beat you didn't do this video with johnny haha

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