GALWAY GIRL - Ed Sheeran Dance Choreography 🖖 Jayden Rodrigues

Learn the GALWAY GIRL routine choreographed by Jayden RodriguesFB: the Rod Squad 🖖L E A R NT H I SD A N C E• DANCE: TUTORIAL: routines was designed so anyone who can dance or never had a dance class before can easily pick up and learn. Any one can do this!F O L L O WM E► Subscribe to Jayden Rodrigues:► Like me on FACEBOOK: Follow me on TWITTER: ► I'm on INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: www.jaydenrodrigues.comC O N T I N U U M ► Listen to the full cover: Subscribe: rights reserved to their respective owners. No harm intended*ED SHEERAN - GALWAY GIRL

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only if schools had this kind of flexibility

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going on the scooters looked so fun, plus having the entire place to yourself

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