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Get Your NEW Theory Wear Here!! ► FNAF is back with it's first official VR game "Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted". You know what that means Theorists - the story is not over yet! Well, mostly. I think this is the start of a whole new chapter of FNAF lore. The old story had its ending, William Afton trapped in limbo forever. The new story has a new villain, YOU... sort of. What do I mean? Get ready Theorists, FNAF is just getting started!Glitchtrap model by EliteRobo on DeviantArt ► for Every Theory! ► ►Hang out with us on GTLive! ► Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound.Get A 30 Day Free Trial! ► #FNAFVR #HelpWanted #Glitchtrap #FiveNightsAtFreddys #FNAF7 #FNAFTheory #MatPat #GameTheoryCredits:Writers: Matthew PatrickEditors: Marc Schneider and Tyler MascolaAssistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound Editor: Yosi Berman

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@R matasaho There is a lite edition of the game on the App Store. Just search it

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3:01 and...that....bitch!


Too bad the game runs like shit i wish i could play this

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This video should be called "Top 10 Craziest Video Game Easter Eggs and Secrets for Shooter Games Only".

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The guy in the thumbnail looked like Tadashi Hamada lol

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Love this kind of vids, please do more videos about music easter eggs :D


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I dont care if you do cus i like your videos but do you get all these easter eggs by yourslef or do you research sum and find others? Just curious because finding all of this looks really hard

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Chip and joes team my mom picked them for that exact reason

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Is it still there

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SERIOUSLY, Keanu in Cyberpunk 2077 movie/tv show. Do it now!

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Yeah no one cares about you finding a trap

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no the t-rex is a easter egg to the BF3 campaign with corporal Miller the guy who gets his throat cut by Solomone 


You have to be a criminal to escape prison sometimes but it’s for a good reason

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