Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Coreografia) Cleiton Oliveira | IG: @cleitonrioswag

Homenagem ao Dia dos NamoradosCoreografia da Musica "PERFECT" na minha Turma de Hip Hop (STREET DANCE) Intermediario no Studio de Dança Daniel Saboya. Não esqueça de clicar em "gostei" e compartilhar o vídeo com seus amigos! Isso nos ajuda a crescer cada vez mais!AULAS DE HIP HOP INTERMEDIARIOTerça e Quinta : 22:00HRLocal- Studio Daniel SaboyaEND: Av. Geremario Dantas 235, Tanque ,Jacarepaguá ,RJInstagram/ danielsaboyadancestudioCleiton OliveiraInstagram/CleitonrioswagVanessa GouveaFacebook/ Vanessa GouveaNegouvea

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yep, but nah no one cares and they will just think im an attention seeker. lol.

Zac Swade

we went to a place like that it might have ben the samthang

My story is also like you

Jeanet Faciolan

The twisty pop was op

Zeh Fiends

Immigrants: Comes through illegally


sees tobey maguire


As an oilers fan, I wish that Edmonton had Benn instead of Hall. the guy is too awesome.

Brent Hinsley

All the people who disliked this video need to find JESUS!! IF you already have then walk closer to him!! Awesome video guys!! Nothing is more special than doing things for the less fortunate and being rewarded with smiles and laughter!!

Benchie Hern

Blame his teammates for pressuring him to play mainly klay Thompson ...

X-FILES THEME PLAYS One time got pokemon cards and me and this guy had a conversation about like every pokemon

Wil Bell

Still one of the BEST videos you all have done.Glow in the dark...who would have thunk?As a retired Air Force military guy, have you all ever thought of a "Tribute to the Military" Dude Perfect?Thanks for keeping us all entertained.

landen hearing

Holy crap that golf shot was epic.

Kelsey Lynne

A friend of mine told me to do the easter egg with the pink bunny and oh my gosh I almost had a heart attack cause I thought it was gonna be some kind of monster when I first saw it coming up hahaha


Congrats bro

Lewis Bailey

hey er just sayin you missed out an invader zim reference in the map set in Arabia with the market by killing one of the targets with a moose it says a room with a moose a reference to an epesiode of invader zim were a class might get banished to a room with a moose

MW7 Weber

You should shoot a video in usa

general viewer

almost cried im a male who doesnt cry

Adrien Sanchez

Go Seahawks

Lil molly X

Can you make a floating fire

Keevan Dewald

Where is this video taking place at??Also I really loved this video but who won??🤔

Ava Baradel

what if that third ivf was gonna work and they never did it but if they had they would’ve had kid

Thomas Read

Money 💰 sucks






Well, 9 million

Juicebox 36

I have a ps4 but never use it am I a gamer

David Endres

I like your easter egg videos the most for a few reasons. at chess.


Gar was in 6

Kevin Prado

yes it dos


Phew luckfully it was just a dream!


I had to call 911 when my dad was dying

sahib chahal

they should try for football

Christain Vital

Bullshit ass music

Buff Birds

You know it's offensive to say Merry Christmas right?


One of my favorite references in video games is in Borderlands 2, an NPC says "I used to be a vault hunter like you, but then I took a bullet to the knee."

Cameron Gonzalez

They are so nice it makes the kids and people so happy keep up the good work!


Ela não vai ficar sozinha no castelo de areia?