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Dumbass Chick-fil-a dude

Gacha Forever

Date james

tate kaszuba

5:43 Tyler's arm though


"Can't you see I'm busy! This motherfucking air ain't going to sweep itself!"

Oli Oli


bigdaddycool kevin nash

whats da founder

CatsandDogs - ROBLOX & More


N. series


z i n e e b

~be nice to everyone cause you never know what someone is going through~ -Ethan Grant Dolan💜

CatDog KarateMaster

its a bear :3


Johnny Football SUCKS

Lyjuhbear Fortnite user

60 yr

Daniel Mc Dowell

Yes, bullet to the head.


1:20 You mean Ash's mom

Jess Malone

I had a situation like this but all my friends said it’d be weird to tell a teacher about the boy who did it especially since he’s ‘nice’. I now know I should have spoken up and I wish I could tell my ‘friends’ how much it hurt to hear them say I was being dramatic. I wasn’t. We should normalise this behaviour

Timmy the Tuber

The last one

occ1 the fox


I kinda regr

YaBoiMicaiah -

You guys should do another dizzy trick shot video

Sorry for Bad english

Mariana Quental

... 2017?... hey...

mike mabab

Creeper? CREEPER? KILL IT! If it has a SPY CHICKEN with him with a shovel...

Adam Shepherd

This is our like, Grand children

Zouzou Gh.

OMG i love panda sooooo muchhh

Travis Lavigne

well i'm watching 7 years later


WHERE TF are the teachers and the principal?!?!

josh garcia

I say no to ty


how are you doing??