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Stacy Boyer

How much records to you hold

Rage Linox xd



Ironic how nobody cared when these movies were made, but in 2016 everyone is angry at James Bond. Even though he was SUPPOSED to be smooth as fuck, just shows that Feminism is a bandwagon. Go do something with your lives.

Landen Cason

Yo momma so dumb she rooted for beer

alexis alarcon

Alguno que hable español por aca?

Giorgio Zuddas

oh man please just continue

Smile Van helden

I love the music that play

mim alfa1

I answered finding nemo, lord of the rings and hunger games earlier

Novana's Subliminals

This made me cry so much 😭😭

Edward Food Reviews

Ok im starting to piece it together the a113 is the password used in the time dimension machine of the pizza planet guy but we need more evidence to be able to find this bastard!!!

JROTC color guard

My dad was the same way the only thing was I didn't get PTSD I'm sorry you were going through this


think they meant if it was in multiplayer

john watson

if this motherfucking video has taught me anything is that there are advantages to being a pychopath. Ironically now I wanna become one

Jelle Klumpenaar

Peter griffin

Gabriela Juarez

Cool guys ✌🏻

Nathan Evans

1:56 Is dank

Lovely Song

The words wouldnt come out

Lord Prebs

Another easter egg that you miss is the "Queen Industries" building in Founder's Island plus many references to Wonder Woman, Zatanna and other DC charachters.And I have a question: How did you get all that skins?

Will Halpin

My dad owns that ski lodge

Millie Mott

This is 😭

Amelia Nieland

I’m so confused... this sounds like a story of a night terror

Go Viral!

The bottle buster strikes again!


why the boom hs meme tho guru ?

Miguel Alfonseca

I wanna see your face. Show me your face pwease. You should start doing some kind of blog. JUST A SUGGESTION. Not an obligation, you do what you like, no matter what others tell you. BUT, in MY opinion as a sub, I'd say it would be pretty cool if I could see you doing some kind of blog or something.

Unknown _Human

Lmao anime refrence

I guess they never miss huh