S.E.A.N.Y.P - Rewind [prod. Kingfish]

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Fantastic. You are awesome, i spent hours watching your videos and i really like how this videos calm me, like the musics, so wonderful, and your voice too! You are my favourite artist.

Weird Guy 149

It's crazy that even though Nintendo had a bunch of really great stuff today, Frozen's still out on top.

Morgado bro

Pause at 2:36 . 😕😕 the way her arm looks all shredded. 😨

Ur Mom

ah yes the video I’ve been waiting on has finally came <3

Cj Turner

good job ty


As always, awesome quality video


So uh you guys at dude perfect wanna give me like a million dollars...I bet you have like SOO much more to get them TO TURN ON A JET ENGINE!

Sunny Hallit

Sleep, eat, then repeat. It’s ok to lose weight, but don’t starve yourself. Fat, ugly, cubby. Ignore words, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words don’t. Be happy, be you and be happy. These coaches are killing you! I had eaten healthy foods to give more fat. You have to do that to! I want to see your smile, happiness. Open your expectations... be you and never change yourself. My angels, I hope you follow this.



Abby Huss

My mom smoked. One day, my mom and my dad were out on a date. They at one point got in a fight because of the odd cigarette smell. My mom told my dad that she wanted to keep in dating her, and my dad’s words changed her life. Reminds me of what you can do in Dishonoured with the right abilities. (Time Stop & Possession specifically)

Elizangela Graf

You is a master of trick shot

Who gave me genes ? My sire.

Lil Backpack

Did he just call Mario cart a game that is my life so back up

nadine mandap

as long as they understand each other and handle it .. open relationship is good for bothside.. just love:)

Master Hand


Bill Almeda

I love this video😶😦😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🇺🇸💯🎮

Mike, Mary, Grace, and Hope Hurd

Twenty One Pilots!

Denis G



Thank you

Kat D

This cannot be real. Magic is not real. So unless Absense is Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, it’s gotta be fake


Your videos are such good quality man, big ups

I have one idea for a science video

Mike Garcia

That ending tho


Jen’s hands are really huge 😂


Sorry its a university not a college

It's ok you are supported by everyone

Suomi Nile

Liike jos ootte suomalaisia

Llama Ahmed

#YIAYjob she has no jobs she an amish you locked up

JeffyZ 19

The word “yes” made me poor

Gabriel Ulate

Does anybody knows the song that starts in the minute 6:54?