Building beach villas in the Philippines -construction update 6/16/19 - YouTube

A close look at the custom doors we had built from a local carpenter . Also bathroom tile floors are installed . Anda Bohol

michael burns

did anyone else notice the code 122112 its the date for the end of the world 12 21 2012

pizza demon

I acstadenty beat John up...

The channel that actually does research Gaming


Me:I’m the only person who lacks an emotion in my family

huh really

You have earned my subscription

Hammaad Latif

Film with kareem hunt

Diogenes Roxas III


Hannah Banana

1:32 it's looks like the stone that found princess Merida in the movie"Brave"


Call of Duty is shit, shame on you.

rafal staszynski

Dat mooi wk

Abbey Kroeger

I wish I was Dylan

Zain Bakeer

Why doesn’t he use a condom if he can afford them being paid at minimum wage


Ty: he is the plunging wizard

J's World

Song The Man by Aloe Blacc

Randy Boncaro

That was not checkers

Shaquille Oatmeal

Why does it matter if there’s a new pretty girl in school? There’s a new pretty girl in MY school

Annie Chen

2018 or 2019


I knew it was checkers


Lol number 3 is not an adult joke

ahmed XR



Guru always coming in clutch with the freshest easter eggs. Thank You

Don’t fear death. FEAR LIFE

fornicators, 5 mill🔒

Sam Titarsolej

dude, PERFECT!

Londen Wedding

Who else ss Tanners face when the glove popped 😂😂

Hayley Moss

poor girl I hope you live a lovely life

Декси Дуде

3:33 Русские делали АСМР еще до того как это стало мэйнстримом!

Sergio Martínez

Hey you forgot one easter egg:


And I think you would see it change course

Breanna Roberts

I feel this story is relatable.when I was in fifth grade,some of my classmates hated me,and one girl was one of the class mates that hated me,then one day the girl was nice and started standing up by my side then we started being best friends,then one day when My best friend was over my house to spend the house,me and her found out that we were long-distance cousins (a little bit),then I found out more that her uncle was my dad's cousin,but sadly he passed away in the year 2016 by a car accident,then I realized that my best friend's aunt was married to her uncle and she babysitted me when I was little.and one day,me and my grandma went to her house to pick her up and take her shopping,then my grandma and her dad started talking to each other then my grandma told me that she and my best friend's dad knew each other whenever me and her we're babies,me and my best friend we,re stunned and shocked after my grandma told us that.soooo yeah that's the story (me and my best friend still talk today)


The First one was so bad...

luodi fang

pls at least give the pizza man a tip!

Fredo Savv

Its ya boi skinny penis

Angus Kerr

I'd like to add something: In the Claptastic Voyage, the Gladstone and Tannis fish may be a easter-egg that references Seaman, a game on the Dreamcast. Image for comparison -

Friends Friends Plane: “I’m depressed” Cares

Captain Narwhal

cool i like the video!