Anna Johnson parodies OMI "Cheerleader" in a comedy music video. Subscribe Here: first in a series of Comedy Music Video Parodies, this is my version of OMI Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn). I've changed the lyrics but kept the pom pom's. Its the song of the summer, so I hope you enjoy my version just as much. Get The original song here: the original video here: you like what you see make sure you Subscribe to my channel which is filled with comedy and soon to be more parodies for you to sing along to. Twitter: you to Sam Wilkinson (Director) , Gareth Ward (DOP), Oliver Paige, Claire Wilkie and all the crew on board plus the amazing cast Spencer Burrows, Valerie Ikondo, Miguel Ladron, Bex Darmody, Sofia Suri, Hannah Marie, Jennifer Napier, Gina Birch and Robert Paul Dragota, Anna Middlemass and all you lovely lot that came to shake your pom pom's at me. Lyrics:VERSE:when I think about my futuremy one solution is my pom poms I can shake umyeah yeahits a job that gets attentionjust a kick and a slut dropall these other jobs are temptingmy career coach is against itshe saysbe a doctor, a dentist, vet or bankerdon't you want to be a bit rich Im like no not really causeCHORUS:o I think that i want to be a cheerleaderill just stop drinking all of that beerero I really just want to be a cheerleaderill spruce up what you see in the mirrorVERSE:I may not look like a modelbut Ill work hard and get my body like a bottleyeah yeahI just really want a boycan I see your magic wandall these other girls are temptingbut please can I jump on answer medo you like medo you think I'm prettydon't you think I'm amazinghe's like no not really CHORUS:But, O I still really want to be a cheerleaderill stop drinking all of that beero I really just want to be a cheerleaderill spruce up what you see in the mirrorINSTRUMENTALVERSE: Now I'm give you an erectiono did I mentionI'm not interested now its your turn for rejectiondada thinks its great now and I made the right selectionyou do what you want in life you don't need perfectionCHORUSo I've think that I've just become a cheerleadereven one that drinks some beeer o i think that i've just become a cheerleader all thats missing is my Richard Gere

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113 ? illuminati or something

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This is the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen I’m not watching the rest of it

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Dice mi Izan que te encanta Cory

02:03 bakın varsa :) This is just hateful bullshit. The creators could do with finding a hobby instead of worrying about how other people live their lives.

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Why is this not a real thing

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Smosh hasn't been smosh for a while now

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So this not juicewrld

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Thats is very cool


I would like to hear the other side of the story from the mother she was trying to keep her daughter if she was keeping her a secret to keep her

boo too

dang, thats as lucky as a golf hole in one!


Combining french words (for people who speak french only)

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BH has the same fan eye brushes! Really Good and alot cheaper than the Barnes brushes!

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The thing is ... Ty probably didn't need to hit that frisbee it was a perfect toss ( in my opinion)

emma chamberlain: soMetIMes i Don'T SHoweR foR a WeEk.

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He's just polyamorous 😂

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☃️do you want to build a snowman

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@pattyoblock94 i know

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this is one of the best videos!!!!


First off, KD drop 51 on Kawhi in the regular season lol


Any parents?

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Ty was flirting

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Anyone2 0 1 9


Why didn’t you call the police?

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1:22 You know you like staring at polygon tits

Like: pop out

francesco iannilli

The New Eminem

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What about making Dosa on that crepe pan?

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I join team ty


nice dude. keep it up :D

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do a thanksgiving stereotypes pls i love you garriet


The breathing machine is called a Nebulizer

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What exactly happened here? Did he kill her? Why?

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any 2019??


Briflip a pogo? 🤔

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This is not bullying this is abuse


The dinosaur toy was also a favorite toy of a characters kid in BF2 campaign

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In a parallel universe Heisenberg used an Ice cream-truck instead of an RV.

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2:21 this is the closest we gonna have for spidey and deadpool :((