Glenn Frey - You Belong To The City

Music video by Glenn Frey performing You Belong To The City. © 1985 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Maria Delgado

his forehead is too bigggggg

Jonathan Rosenband



these guys probably have the hardest job on earth... like half a day to get some of these shots, all for like a 5 second clip

Sisterseaveyshook YT

Um so this is weird but when it said therapist at 3:48 // 3:49 I thought it said the~rapist 😐 I’m not ok


Maggots got invited but i didn't?! i'm as gross as they are

Action Cameras pro

october 2018'

I'm Asian

Its named downtown now

Luke Elliott

I just love how ty says what’s in the shell

Paula Betancourt

Thank you

S7 Coyote

I love the regular soldiers and the guy with the raido during the bday

Tim Mackey

who the panda

Sav_ Gaming

13:10 Grayson in his head: I do it every day

kevin camarena

No me canso de ver el video enserio ❤❤❤✨👌🏻

Ron Blanchard

these are not my replies....

Redha Putra

do easter eggs in final fantasy xv please

Cindy McKinney

I like how the spoiler warning itself is low key a spoiler

Despair Nation

I swear I saw Lele in the poster for ETN s4. She looked like Colleen.

Blanca Magallanes

Evertime her outro music sounds... I get so sad lol LOVE YOU TATI❤

Kathleen Barney

Criing my eyes out😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Mustark Shahreya

I was here before the title change

Lynsey Bales

dallas cowboys

Team Animation

No hate, but... what if your dog dies?


GTA: do you think Im joke?

Amelia Tatafu

where is the shishter

2: her parents abused her

Somehow not sure if this is a glitch or another Easter egg

Vaping Dad

I knew about all of these

Sarah Gallart

I wander if this is actually true

Btw the food looked like egg tajin


Pablo Escobar has left the chat

Calli Collings

You and Annie are so cute together! I loved the Video❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Lytzi Montoya

3rd one had the best reaction 🙄 the other ones weren’t even surprised


Faggot game

Gaming with Jailbreaker99999


Lexi Star



Θα πεθάνω τεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεελιο lovey lovey

the creator of YGS, but she quit and that’s why we don’t have YGS every Friday anymore.


She is so mean

Killa Boghila

Bro they look related

Gary Owens

Who was the miss me guy?

Jacinto Carvalho


Fizz Pop Productions

Hi, can you change the 60 second video thing?