Goat Explosion - I'm Always Alone

a wonderful song by Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham (now The Drums)lyrics:So you're taking me out tonight, so you're giving me a time tonight. I've never been so happy as I am tonight. I have always been an extremely sexual being, my mother says my body is a temple, another conversation, please change the station.Hey won't you go, won't you take me home, I wanna get some, I wanna get some now tonight. Hey won't you go, won't you take me home, you wanna get some, ohhohhhhYou know I'm attracted to you, you know how I feel about you. And this is not nothingbecause I've spent my whole life completely obsessed with myself.Hey won't you go, won't you take me home, you wanna get some, I wanna give some now tonight.I'm always aloneHey won't you go, won't you take me home, you wanna get some, I wanna give some now tonight.we thank @dearcatastrophe1

Kellan Dzik

No I didn’t know it was Checkers

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James Sherman


reneta nikolaeva

Her P.E. Teacher is at 100 XP And the last time dating my ex girlfriend ;)

Ethan Martinez

Music easter video eggs inside



Noob Cews

“If someone hits in the park, your in the clear,”

Wildan abdillah


Emma Vega

I like panda

Aussie Cricket Pro

You are so good ty


The arch

Isaac & Nathaniel Domonguez

60 yards

Sir memesalot

i'm not crying, your crying

Omni Akad

So this is James Charles childhood


Nils Jansen

Wondy wen!

And dad would argue and fight right in front of me, this all started when I was 5. My mom and dad soon became divorced

Skaterboyfoxy Ghost21

IM SHOOK 14:51


great job!!! I loved it! :D

mgl wulf


Jasmine Williams

What happened to your foster parents?



Derek Bandonee

I feel like Dice is trying to hint us at a upcoming dinosaur game they may release. ya know.... Megaladon, Trex sounds, Pterodactyle. kinda makes me think that.

Jayden Marvel

Music's the same as the first trailer's but still sounds awesome, can't wait for this movie.

wang ping

Keep Calm and leave a like for puppies🐶🐶🐶

b r a n d i v i l l e g a s

Stupid Brent!!

Cha Miranda

Super Carlin Bros called it! Giants! Consider me intrigued...🧐

Wicked Stuff

13 bounces

Shawnice Lawrence

You guys were friends for 8 years and she cut you off and called you a liar?? I would’ve slammed the door in her face.


The best gift that I had is a happy family and be healthy forever ♡

Bone- Breaker

cool easter eggs man

Michael Melendez

Rodgers is the GOAT

Kanav Gagrani

Well I just came back to this old video so that I could say that its fair enough if Ty gets a challenge to shave his beard off ....

The Flaming Chariziken

Sorry, but eating pizza crust-first is strictly illegal

Estella Geffre

who is panda?

Darron Evans


Aubrey Lambe

i'm watching in 2017

Chloe Productions

Omg she had to pay 120!!!!!

Absolute Newb

*Skips entire video just to find Ponyo scene

Adam Hanneman

Hey Guru, is there any cool Easter eggs you have in Forza Horizon 3? I look all over and really didn't find any. But maybe I'm driving too fast and upside down to notice

Peelyyy 8

Football probably the best way to say it because you use your "foot" to kick the "ball".

KrisCleinStein !

What song is playing at 2:32 - 2:43?Someone kindly please answer me


When your brother watches the brother sister anime.