BROCKHAMPTON TOUR TICKETS ON SALE: by Kevin AbstractDP - Ashlan GreyEdit / Color - Henock SileshiProducer - Kevin DoanFilmed in South Central, Los Angeles, California, USASTREAM "SATURATION II":Apple Music:

Question Mark

LOVING that early 90's grunge vibe

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neymar da best

This is probably the only dude perfect video I watched more than 30 times😅😅


who LOVES dude perfect

Ali Khellil

billy had the coolest pos

king OJ Ford

You make me unpucilocoooooooo

You should have enjoyed the time you had with her... and showed her you love her...

Samia Elshenawi

hot tub get one

x ExXio x

Awesome video, like always! :)

Brick Origins

The last one had me dying XD

You deserve them!

JayGotDatDrip_22 Stevenson

do carnival stereotypes

ΞDerp SamuraiΞ

Camera quality 👍


MrBeast : if your chandler, you win 10,000 dollars! 🔗:


Used to have that years ago

Mr Cereal

The New Legolas :)

Angad Upare



This should prove to all woman out there that there exists terrible mothers

- Atton Rand's secret dialogue in the first Peragus encounter, KOTOR II

Gabriel Lacoste

Cody is a true ninja

Asma Dewi Sidon

There Muslim right?

I'm random

Aw..i actually understand mother was always on drugs resulting me taking care of my brother father always in jail my parent's were never married whenever my mother would have a bf they were drunks and stupid or hated me there was one guy who treated her so well he bought her flowers one day but sent him away cause she was sick to the head..i struggled in school never got anything about it i got held back in 5th for it it the beginning of 6th i went to a private school where the promised to help me..i had all d's and f's. about 4 month's later my mother asked if i wanted to move to texas so i can get to know her cause i haven't seen my mother ever since i was 8 or 9 so i thought maybe she changed..when i got there everything seemed perfect..2 month's later fighting started she made me do most of the house work when i had to much going on and hurt badly and i offten collapsed in the school hallway crying so i saw my counsler my mother offten tried to call cps on me cause i hurt so badly and couldn't get up and usually screamed on the phone about me to my counsler my counselor admitted she not fit to take care of me my mother started syaing i hate you and your the worst daughter and usually tried to slap or hit me my friend's always were there tho to help as well as my counselor another 2 months my grandpa finally agreed to moved me back i mived back and now i go to a school called pace center for girls it's for girls who have been pregnant abused my grades went from d's and f's to a's and n's exedra i live with my father as well he has a nice paying job so we're good on resources i also called my mother about a month later and she admitted what she did was wrong so she might be moving to florida with us my brother is a jerk though but i intend to have a better relationship in the future

Deepak Narang

Part 2!!!!!

Andrew Miller

He needs to turn this opening into a full Broadway musical and he needs to star in it 😍

dragon skys

Who let the penis out of the water 😂😂

I didn’t want to yell at him because we were in line and I didn’t want to make a s scene but it bothered me so I gave him the look to stop ✋ or I’ll would’ve told on him ( I’d be to shy to tell anyways 😂)

steven plays

you r

Carver Pierce

Aaron seems so chill

Selena Wania

that was soo good

SCP Pinkamena

The homerun Baseball bat was extremely overpowered, but it made up for that in the form of ragdolls flying everywhere


He gifted her coke and then they snorted it together

Artist: *makes his hair brown*

Yeet Yeet

living for the green hair lowkey

Una Nemrava

That fucking boy does not derservers you!!!! ❤❤❤stay strong


SHIT!! but they were over acting a little bit

Life is an exam, life I fun.


"We have always feared Elsa's powers are too much for this world."Thanos: "Am I a joke to you?"

Arthur Nurullin


[N] Strange



Did I honestly see a name tag with dj kahled

Akshat Kandakurtikar

cool golf simulator


You're an imbecile.

Kim McDowell

biuld dog house battle

Big mango

The last two answers were hilarious....


Lmao, I love the Silent Hill Easter XD

Fernando Robledo

Qué chotos son los yanquees