Grammy Winning Producer Explains Best Ways To Sell Beats Online - Become A Successful Music Producer - YouTube

Grammy Award winning, multi platinum producer SG-1 of Tha Piecemakerz (Dr Dre, Talib Kweli, Waka Flocka Flame, Xzibit, DJ Khalid and more) drops some gems for those aspiring to become a successful full time online music producer. He explains how to apply for EIN, copyrights, pros and cons of using beat selling communities, building your brand on social media, starting your own website and where to find potential clients. This one video alone is sure to get you on the right path to becoming more successful selling beats online in 2017! For more tips, tricks and tutorials visit us at Maschinemasters.comFollow SG-1UsMasters is an online music production community focusing on sharing knowledge to up and coming producers using modern day software and hardware instruments. Our members can learn through detailed video tutorial courses on Maschine, MPC, MPC Touch, Ableton and FL Studio. We also provide high quality sound kits to help take your beats to the next level. Why hesitate? Become a Maschine Masters today!

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