Just Dance 2018 - Rockabye

"Rockabye" está disponível no Just Dance 2018!Plataforma: Xbox One---------------------------------------------Twitter: @arthurfelipebrInstagram: @arthurfelipebrFacebook: arthurfelipe28

Liam Fast

bro just resp

Sagar Aswal


Harry Varty

Hey dude perfect I have a question for you, were did you get the panda costume?

Kristine Binderup

People are getting bullied, unaccepted and even murdered because of their sexuality.

Itz Nikki Taylor

I love this channel❤


Fans are assholes these day!

Random Crap

This kinda remind me of "My Sister Is My Mother" video :/

Ramunė rr

Be strong! I'll pray for you💓💓

Chace Schiernbeck


Lavish Zay

Hey guru recently machinima respawn took some footage of your video on their breaking bad easter egg video without givimg you credit .-.

Madiha Yaser

the thumbnail looked like archie and veronica from riverdale

TheLegend Playz

In the Double Dad trust shot Cody actually bobbed down


What about Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC easter eggs?

Tina Tuncheva

200 like

Candy GF

Beautiful story <3, i don't care that her hair might be red

Michael Halliday

Team coby for ever

David Miguelez

When will it be public

The Kraken Experiment

I hope you make more videos of you talking. I think you're really funny!


The next person should be Teddy Bridgewater

Savion Nelson

No thanos copter??

Curtis Rowe

wow james harden was fire wowwwww

Seppy Doom

Not to be rude, but it is a reference to a thought process called Schrodinger's cat. I think. And Bioshock Infinite wasn't out while Bioshock was released.

Hunter McDonald

It was probably the jousting over giant catfish

brianna blanchard

Grayson why are so adorable

Kismet_Have a great day!

lets play horse? HAHAHA

Victor Hugo Carballo

Elsa, you must go to Ba Sing Se, train earthbending and become the new AVATAR

NeXt GeN

Guys can you do videos like the story of Elon Musk, etc. I liked it so much and it's such an amazing motivational video.


what do u use to record ur gameplay

Kristen Tanner

Tigers $$$$!!!!?????


First  :)

Pastor of Muppets

Thumbnail be like "Music Easter Video Eggs"

Aleaha Xox

watching this before I go on a plane woooop

Supernova Gaming

Wow the guy made the shot, called the 9 million view YouTube hit, and it made 11 million.

Luke Peter



The song is Des Rocs- Let me live

Also, I fucking love you so much.

Keanu Wilson

My left ear enjoyed the intro.

Fetanizm Czołrabin


Dave Yanowitch