Deku vs. Muscular [AMV] - Wasted, Juice WRLD

Instagram: ParbadgerTwitter: ParbadgerSONG: Wasted, By Juice WRLD ft. Lil Uzi Vert


they're detroying some flowahs🌷🌸🌹 😠

Sarvin Nepal

7:01 it’s proved Ty’s a ninja


For all you saying he was pressured.. KD is a champion. His team and guys needed him tonight and he felt comfortable enough to play. He wanted to be out there. No one made him but himself. He’s a warrior. Just an unfortunate injury that no basketball player deserves.


Team tall guy

Angy Btw

7 seconds up this video and im mad

Lars Knittler

0:52 Rare footage of belmo bowling with 1hand



Courtney Wilkinson

Go Rangers!

kushagra 007

The worst moment of my life was not reaching the point i set for...i unfortunately did not hit the bulls eye...i tried very hard in my exam n the result were not overwhelming n it was the darkest point of my life....all kind of things criss-crotch my mind i blamed my self for the failure it was very crucial for me to crosss that point i literally regret though i tried my best bt soon i realised it is no use crying for wats over i still hve a lot of potential in me n there is always a 2nd chance so i gathered all my courage n now m working towards my goal i will not let my past experiece gripped me this time....I will see the light at the end of the tunnel n its all that matters

Virginia Lavendia

Ty.your shot is 😎


If I had a pixie in me.

Keiro Ty

Trust me it sucks having a period pain and bleeding I understand

I have been there I know how much u suffer how much u took me a long long time to come over but don't worry and don't be sad he will be there for u always

Afua’s amazing Life

Is it good being adopted mate

Daisy C

The end was amazing

Bryce Hislop-Smith

Plot twist


i was on the fence, but this video sold me on getting this game.

Luke the Duke 405

Llluukke Bryans crying

Salty Rusher

That’s not fair it’s the balloons fault


Wait whaaat?! 4:25 Hi Ann?i thought Ann is the friends name

jordan gump

Bowling streotayps


Why is this channel called minute videos when the videos themselves are over a minute

Nevan Rondeau

Y do you guys never put pads on right


This show is actually very good and i wouldnt mind re watching them all

Nocturnal Wabbit

I’m not going to lie and don’t hate on me but I can’t relate..... it’s not just me right

Cupcake Craze

billy had a better pose

Orenko HD

Why Don't we just Nuke them in one area?

Anisha Imran

I love Kingdom Hearts. I play it all the time:)


100 likes is not a problem for you

Sean kicker

Can you film with Mike Wallace



Bяσω TM

the sniper

Randall Rogers

Chris himworth

Jaden Olivia

Omg it OK I am sorry to here this. I was close to my great grandma and a cousin who died of a car wreck

Laine Roy


- horrible father

Ryan Taylor

Tbh you can’t walk the trigger or butterfly it

“A sweet, red-head boy...”

Chase Lewandoski

great job ty


Maybe you shold do a team fortress 2, i know there is a lot of them but it`ll be great if you could do it :)

Guille Mena

No turn


Jaxson Pelletier

Lions don’t live in the jungle

dave henek

It's hit 40 milleon sub's

amazing things

Tyler is best he always wins I love tyler

Greetings from Germany😂



Wings of Karma

Man that Toy Story scene was my original ASMR.

Kathleen Kitty

Did u know her full name is Joanna Kathleen Rowling!?! So my first name is the same as her second.

To the place I belong

Alosmolimin Robert

(default dances over how sMaRt she is for sending some wOwZeRs to a dude with her face in it)

Jared Lendy

Can you do a basics video on jams/jellies/caning?

madison m

this video made me sob. ive been in such a low point and this video just opened my eyes. i really needed this.