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Jessica Goff

Am I missing something? Is she dissing JSC? Strange timing right?


Hey baby come party with Kremit 🐸

Rumple Stiltskin

Look at your comment, now back to mine. Now back at your comment now back to mine. Sadly it isn't mind, but if you stopped trolling and started posting legitimate comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're scrolling through comments, writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, it's a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again the reply is now DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when you're not trolling.

Nelda guzman

Like codies Steph curry jersey

кαт αятѕ

if i get a call, i be like 'Uhh.. i'm just gonna...' declines

Hanah Banana

If Cory’s mom did the mom arm than Coby’s did cause their twins right


Did cory and coby are twins?

3. Not being able to take a proper full breath - completely gone


thanks gru

hashim Who needs no introduction aziz

Some countries do that I think of maybe in the old times(I call it that don’t have an issue).Like for example football in the old times they wouldn’t let girls play.And even for the Romans I think they never let the woman go outside.And I actually think when people do that it’s wrong and isn’t nice.This video makes me smile.I LUV DIS!GURLS CAN GO SCHOOL OKAY

JD Hart

Team coby

Stormy The cat king

Coby will win the sink battle

fucking moonwalkin' bitch

3:43 My mom telling me to get up for school for the tenth time in a row.

Be Andal

I'm happy he found happiness. I'm so angry, outraged and horrified seeing teachers and adults that are supposed to be there for you and help you, insult and treat horribly a poor child that looks different than them. Bullying someone for looking different than you and treating him like crap without knowing the REAL him. It's sad, so so sad. I hope that we'll change and stop being so evil and judgmental. We should teach children to respect and accept others. We should be a good example for everyone and not spread hate.

Brooklynn Ellis

no offence but im going into middle school and i even new that on an on demand, witch is what they were doing for english, that u cant study for it so u can make it up as long as it sounds real enough to be true.

That’s what i feel about all the mcu characters.


What happens if you pee on it

Michaela Saunders

I've played this game twice and I never have any time to look at stuff cause I'm too scared, running away from infected

CourseGroup Dot

Her: im very healthy and i wanna die

Truck Guy

Space Jam

Ahnaf Shaikh

Best comedy video until now 😂😂😂

Larry Holley

you should make a viedo of hew hast to push mow


I like this

Mashael TVXQ5


Connor Pine

Wtf is smosh anymoe

VanePane 04

Title: "I am a woman living as a man"

Mr_x 1992

I have another cs condition zero easter egg: In the Deleted Scenes level, ''Alamo,'' shoot the U.S. flag that is on top of the emabassy and you will automatically die.


Legends say she stills says “I’m safer on the streets” and “ I can’t do it Anymore”


Cant wait ❤️

Maylee Riley

You need a baseball field


J Stone taking over 🔥🔥🔥


Is no one bothered about his ability to slow the time of other things? Like, I could understand if he had personal slow motion by using the force to change his own perception of time, but just throwing out a time slow on random people and objects? How is that supposed to work? Is this guy stronger than Yoda or something?

Leo Petri Rocha

I didnt know what Squirts were so I googled it, well shit

Callums corner stream highlights



Shawn Tellez

That luks fun

Zacmaster 55

There is a house fire. Rick takes his cards and gets rid of the fire

Jack Brinker

You guys are awsome

blue dragon445

Christmas came early 😁

Elegant Egotist

The farmers tan line after the hoe line was unbelievably clever and fire. Short Kings reppin’



Sasha Vegas


Neefjes games

Like in you see this in 2018


Faking stories again, I see I see


How di u not have 100 mil subs?


that was preety fake.