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Saint Tino

Birthday sterotypes

Urmet Raun

the dot wasnt first used in Max Payne 3, it was used in Max Payne 1 XD

Emmanuell Villaceran

Pinned This Comment For No Reason XD!

Leo W

Omg this story takes pleasure in misleading and wasting people time.

Church Trick Shots

Canada all the way

Liam Coyle

You should film in Dubuque, Iowa

blesiv fam

I tried to kill myself today by chewing on chemical stuff and chocking myself with a string . Everybody i talk to doesn't care or tells me i am an "attention seeker"


So the Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed universe are the same??

Hobbit Mushroom

2:14 handcuffs for a giant lol

ItsEltonYT _PlaysFortniteAnddoesGachaverse!

Hello, Bobby pinz

Jessané Cacti

Beautiful! Frozen 1 was a little overrated and because of that it got a lot of hate but I thought it was amazing and I think this one will be too

Militaires Sans Frontières

Please add that a configuration for graphics adjustments

704 buttnugget

I guess i'm not depressed and just really hate taking showers. I had really hoped this video would explain why I don't cause I don't even know myself...

Ashton Tillack

Okay why does a 8 year old have a phone

Megan Michelle Hinzman

Is the jumpscare really in the game or was that just a joke?


Having to pay thousands of dollars in hospital bills after your life just got ruined is messed up. Fix this USA

So I would like to ask

Peachy Lelemons

Okay so I've been having a heck of a ton of panic attacks lately which involves puking and hitting myself repeatedly to make me srop thinking, and all my mom ever does is compare her much more valid problems than mine, forces me to be happy and keeps threatening me that she will give me to my relatives if i can't control me emotions very eell yet she still wonders why i never express my emotions to anyone, especially her. (I'm sorry i just needed to let this out)

Luni 2019

And then we started playing Fortnite....


my dog is like my therapist. he always makes sure im safe, and cuddles me when i cry, licking my face to make the tears go away. he even just sits there and listens to me as i talk to him like he's another person. i don't know what id do without him. :)


Jennifer Niceta


Jonathan Price

the game f**** sucks


Grayson: holds Emma’s hand

Nikolai Braun

Anybody else in 2019?

Amel Rizvanović

good music

Farzad The Gamerbro

Over the tree basketerrow shot

Ma tt

Nobody not a single soulMe: Elsa enchanted herself some frostwalker boots in minecraft

Stephen and josh

Team cory rocks🤑🤑

Cedric Lewis

Where before have we heard that "woo woo" that Drake does at 2:52 ?

Krazy Marshie

I had anxiety attacks almost all the time in school to the point I am now homeschooled but that I know of I dont have PTSD I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder so I know how it feels when people act like they dont care or dont want to care but know that there will always be someone who cares and do not give up


So are gym battles back sun and moon was like okay but give me gym battles

Federico Manuel Davila

Another bullshit cg cinematic???!!!!, show gameplay assholes!