GTA Online Speedo Custom Review! - YouTube

My review of the Speedo Custom. I personally enjoy it and am very happy that you can now customize delivery vehicles however the vehicle does suffer from some problems. Support me on Patreon: me on Twitter:

No 😂😂

Triggered James

Woah I just teared up that was a really sad story

Batatude FG

1:59 "Double backflip" Coby: "No way!" kk



Derek Hardin

My favorite is fishing in a aquarium

Violet Castle

Why are they beeping out bullying??

alfie gaming

How much did you pay to fix the court

Kaylin Dorschner

my best fiend died of a brain tumor at the age of 9 we have trees called Sofias trees


On the hockey shot he hit it on his forehand🤦‍♂️


L.A. Noire seems to be one of the influences as well! :D


What about ASMR in video games? Just turning of the music and listening only the audio gives a big asmr-ish feeling.

plastic trickster8038

no more like baseketball

3Ragusa 676


RewindFItz Brown

make moreplz

miller time420

Regular Americans don't watch this gay garbage.


1:05 the attack alone xD. no offense .-.

Basim Ali

Meanwhile the comments be like:(Insert random question/statement)Disney: Yes😶

Emrick Barajas

Film with dak Prescott

Bertil Jönsson

Lol Almost got a heart attack in the beginning, "This is probably going to be my last video" 😂😂


Wow they all made it on first try nice lol

Malia Medley


Quin Griffin

subscribed to my channel

Drawing Is Life

They spent a lot of money on this lol

Graceann Ford

me crying over a dog for 11 minutes straight

Simon castillo

You should make an episode on shadow warriors two. I'm pretty sure there was a reference in the intro where one of the monsters threw a bunny having sex. I think it was a reference to the Easter egg in shadow warriors one.

Hope in Korean...’Hee Mang’ (희망)

David Wheeler

Team Coby always! I hate Garret so much

edgar torres

It's SUGAR RUSH not SUGAR LAND un nuts


freakin awesome

Master Fulcrum

I wish I was good in Math..........

ReiN Frost

Holy Crap!!!!!!!

Joaquin Reyez

Tyler your dick is big

The three mtb bro

And deer

Eren Jaeger

My mom can do backflip or gymnastic and can throw a slippers at me in 120ft away and can do trickshot at volleyball

Bava Mnc

who is watching in 2020like below

Andie P

Who is panda

Juan Villamil

@Lookatmeifuckeducuz they dont know how to play basketball.....

Maryan Ganey

Does Catherine like Jennifer Lopez

Nacho Nati

Dying relationships be like

Adriyel Loken

I had a diet ad on before watching this video

Shibe Doggo



I haven't played this game, but when I saw the thumbnail, I though "Oh wow, has the day finally come where Hideo Kojima said 'Fuck it! I'm putting myself in the game!'" I started my period on January then it just stoped for 2 months. COINCIDENCE! I THINK NOT!