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Ganondorf has returned.

Stacey Chiperzak

Gay people should not get their own attention there are disappointed

The Rasmuffin Junior

Me watching endgame and not seeing any avengers movie ever before

Adrian and Axel .Co, and more!!

The first minute and 33 seconds were spent on the first trick shot. And that was just the intro!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯


3:23 lmfao

Megan And Kacie

I’m lucky, my cramps aren’t super bad but they still hurt a lot so I’m greatful that mine aren’t really painful

Ethan Cranston

I just realised when ty was finished hitting the balloons he didn’t cock the gun so how did the bullet come out of the gun when he jumped through the hoop

Agent Fundacji nr89- Jan kowalski

Thanks for this video guys


How weird nirvana is my fav too

Fernando De la parra

it probably took them two months to make that

Gear Up

please watch my basketball trick shot videos and subscribe.

Sunny Zaied

For the glass he used a credit card.

joy 7


Eric Horner

We don't know the score... so none of the misses or makes matter. I wish you had a score tracker going.


WOT they talked to Kevin and Lebron noiceeee

Kyle Jiang

i love it

Tumblr Kitten

Just adopt or some shit

rahul singh

Real life gambit


The only one I found was the DJ Khaled one in resident evil


I want to put my meat between Wendy's buns.


I washed my hands Emma: yes

Kinky spaghetti lover

11:10 *you’re

gym boss

Why did you show Twin Snakes?