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melissa newman

i have this game and..... I LOVE IT!!! im not kidding, my high score is 49!!! im 7

Obi Wan Kenobi

I don't get why people like the jumpscares warnings. this is a video about creepy and scary easter eggs, you came here because you wanted to be "scared"

pindah channel

Sup dude

Yousuf Khan

Hey I almost killed a cyclist with my door listening to this

Abdias Martinez

There was i bomb in my house and blew up


Deutsche hier?

Sarim Khan

1:51when you get 101/100

JeanCarlo Tacson


Seth Gibbons

I’ve been watching your channel for years now man. Keep up the good work and I’d love to see you do a sort of movie review series someday. Your taste in movies has to be good based on your profile picture

Puffy Master

Extremely derpy!!! Love it!!!


From what it seems, it looks like Elsa might become one of the most powerful users of cryokinesis (ice) in all fiction.I mean, if she learns to control her powers, she might be able to bring back the ice age with a snap of her fingers.

VFlower chan vocaloid

My brother have Down's syndrome I love him so much

Flossie Dewar

everyone is like "i came for the ass" but honestly i came for the 5 seconds of seeing bode miller!

Dylan Nguyen

So you prefer series of hour long videos of people failing throwing a ball?

jeremy morris

Only 1 easter egg

Rainbowkateland ___

I was sopose to be born on the 8th of December but I was born on the 13th, i'm late!

High Methane, Charged Iron levels.

Shivam Verman

Iam footbaal play in 5 time top corner no miss. And football shoot on a big ring passes through the a ring

Aloof Gaming

Thumbnail= how to fuck up everything in your wrist

Kolton Lindstrom

1:Fancy, 2: you remind me 3:twerk

DrAgO Gaming

that scope on the crossbow looks like a 3x scope