Hitman: Absolution - Mission #4 - Run For Your Life

, recorded in full HD.Hitman: Absolution Playlist:The original assassin is back! Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.● Platform: Windows/PC (Also available for Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360)● Recorded using FRAPS 3.5.9● Rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6Stay Connected:●


"We know he's in this area we think" LOL

Mousami Ranjan

Who is inside the 🐼

bree montgomery

this song is the WORST

My dad thought I wasn't getting enough education and decided to send me to a boarding school in England but my mom said no because I was too young. So my whole family moved to England.

FortniteGamer TV

This kid must have been trash at Fortnite

Trebuh Nabruh

4:37 look in to water, omg :o

William Dawson


Outer sans The skeleton

Has to be fake Them killers rock with me, lil' nigga, don't get banged

Sir Chiddi

This is not called trickshots its called laziness level 1000

Justin Havens

liberty city will be added to GTA online eventually



Cooper Allen

Where is curry

Lilla Kulek

Is this actually true

Los Lúcumos

If you are lookin' for the sixth member again, the panda came here and it is hearing cumbias!!watch?v=4yZQfablgBo

Merc with a Mouth

The end result is not that surprising Australia is a far more superior country

Atharva Dubey

I also have that game


I haven't played Dying Light, so I don't know if Pyza Suit is a recurring thing in the game or what, but considering it's found in the Mario easter egg area, I can't help but think of "Hey paisanos, it's the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!"

Rim Rocker



her dad joined the war of my contury wat

It’s Pear

Im repuplican

Curly Fries V10

I think Germany will win

Gabriella McCloskey

Brian Mccloskey teamand Sean

Mitch Henderson

Pedestrain? Oops typo :P



You stupid


I jumped at the Alligator part.


Time to make some nudes

RYZE_ Rxspxct

I wonder how many attemtps it took to do the intro

Sean Wade


Daredevil Yellow


abhay gupta

These trickshots are so easyThe players didn't even react to any of them

Hide Ur Bread

GTA 5 is just with damn more colour than gta V. So it`s looks 100 times beter

Echos Facts

I can’t imagine being this rich lol


OMG i miss this game so much!

Charlie Gardiner

That was mad

Diego Velazco

I’m getting such a black mirror vibe!

Kurt Corro

Why would the panda even step on it😂😂

Blake Ferro


M. Hasan

Thats nothing... Kyle XY can do better 1 try ;)

cristal gamer

The slowmo is thw best


walt disney: releases the pretty much same trailer with dialogueeverybody: HOLY SKSJHJJEHDHWJHD WDVSIAHGJWHD YALL PLOT REVEALED IT'S ELSA VS THANOS AND HIS ARMY