How I make a living as an artist - art tips w/ Lachri - YouTube

You guys keep asking so I'm finally sharing my experience in making a living as an artist.Everyone's results will vary depending on SO many factors. I'm currently out of town and messed up my video schedule, this wasn't supposed to go up for over a week. OOPS! So this is going to count as the weekend vlog :P Subscribe: painting videos Wednesdays at 3pm CSTSubscribe: Instagram: Fine Art official website: Prints: lapse and speed painting tutorials and demonstrations by award winning artist Lachri. Learn how to paint portraits, surreal landscapes, pets, lions, tigers, and birds...pretty sure a Wizard of OZ reference should be made right about now. Get tips and watch techniques for working in acrylic and oil paint, carbon pencil, graphite and colored pencil. This video was shot using the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD camcorder.

Nick Hagans

How long did this take them to edit

Brian: hello darkness my old friend

We stan drama

So this is what happens after Endgame...


Are these story real situations or just stories for inspiration and stuff like that?

Lori Karaliolios


Abdul Shahid vlogs


random kid

3:04 better than my tackle BY FAR

Carrie Barrigan

Poor mike :(

Have tyler tony spin the wheel with ned as host.


I cant breath, I'm fall in love this movie

SkyToonMiibo Gaming

I live in Missouri! Also who else thought at 5:38 he threw the turtle?

Bemie Boy

I love you so much

Fruity Loops

That’s not ocd

Green Turtle

He played fortnite on ps1 .

CliX KinG

They always use great songs

Ps: okay I'm not making fun of anxiety I have it too but the way she said if reminded me of friends.



Dale Smith

weres Garrett


I Hate how the sabers are just one solid color.


3:46 9/11 but the plane doesn’t crash