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Maxton Evans

Jeff Gorden or Kyile Bush

Just a random Gamer

Hold up theres one million veiws and 2 million likes ...?

Hernandez fam productions

Fishing stereo types

Rashaud Lawson

Y can’t I stop listening 5th time today

Yuzuru Otonashi

What you don't hear are the screams of celebration immediately following a successful take, now that they don't have to shoot another 45 times

Blanca Flores rojas

Esta buena la canción

my dream is to be a cabin crew

dont be scared tell your parents also the police and every thing well be fine


Rainbow six!!!!!! Zombies!!!!!!!!

Alexa Chance

Never heard of sound waves before...? 😂😂😂 this video is so fun hahahahaha

Die _Suchties

Happy new year. And thank you for the Video 😊

Addy Cuevas

My family is Sach a big fan they go to every game

Bitter Revenge

how cleanly the sword passed through the bag was pretty scary

It's really not easy to live with.


The "I'm just gonna sit this hole up out guy, mark me down for a 4 guy" is definitely a stereotype

I go to a nice school

Jacob Garcia

Craig finally getting noticed now is too awesome.

Zach Rosenburg




Me Leaving the country


My Heart and thoughts go out to you both, the loss is truly painful, often too much to bear, but feel comfort and joy in the fact that you fill her life with love, tenderness and meaning. She will never leave you in spirit, you'll feel her with you daily... do as I did when I lost my two, talk to them, and never let them go. Love!


No one, no one said gamers cant be succesfull so this video is pointless

Nigel Snippe

CUTE?! IT'S A KILLER TURKEY (btw i see your point to)

Kim bassy

Me:hey my heart wait where are you going

Miss. Tina

Stop at 1:43 :o

Jayjay Lynch

When I get a headache

snipish fuck

Idk why but I'm so damn proud of my Country after seeing this