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Historias en 2D

this is so sad

Wyatt Moehlman

Go to the arch in St. Louis

Sir DoEsALoT

lol and the dragon in 1:18 is like WTF?????????

luke lyles


skall ASMR

Wow I don't fear death as much now

Spencer Anderson

The drivable couch in hardline shoulda made an appearance.

Angel N.

Better call Saul easter eggs please!

They need to take time to make something good? They started developing GTAIV right after developing SA (4 years) and only spent 2 years on San Andreas. I'm so confused!

Erick Palacios

This video is so American lol 😂

Malcolm Brogdon Jr.

I love you guys and everything

Army Rolezeira


Kookie Gacha Wolf

My step mom is my real mom

Cynthia pasta lover

...*is freaking hyped*

Gam3 Squad 56

Did any one else see how the tape was on Jamie Benns stick

Nanny2151 Adams

what state are you in

Jack Leslie


JohnState4Real '

These two created a classic song

Kayden Currivean

it was checkers


Please can you play Doki doki literature club and make all posible choices and show all hidden messages from that game? That would be super cool.

Jake Willoughby-feasey



36k I expect this to increase in numbers , I’ll check back in a week .

Vencel Szabó

Its not creepy

Ellie K

104mil views wow you must be minted

Jesky 11

2019 ?



Unknown Boy12

What if tlou is uncharted in the future like,what if theres a future uncharted game where drake is there when the infection begins and then he dies in it

Eli G

I'm so bored with this

C.C. Catch

I was agressed same way at school in fifth grade and I was too shy to reveal it to anyone, also the boys were frightening me to not speak. My mom found out (I don't remember how) and her final thought was that I was easy. She thought I liked it! It was the worst life I could ever live. My mom... my own mom turned my back and I was again alone in this cruel world. She punished me hard so I would learn a lesson, but I only lost trust in myself and in anybody, I became shyer and now I have big problems with this. The boys were never punished, just me. I could never see the world again. And today I can see its every malicious thing. I can't see the children the way I used before. But somehow I got past it and I'm not introverted, but I am still shy and I have low self esteem which I will never correct. And I did anything on my own and with God's help. Thank you for reading! I hope you surpass you fears!

Like if you did too

Kaesar Sm

Good video, but Im sorry, have to be honest with you. Your girlfriend should leave you. Life is too short (most likely)

Vortex 9

I gave cannon green

Aenah Mamonong

Amazing dude ferpect


same exact situation happened to me where this kid at school would grab my butt and rub my private.. we were in 3rd grade.. 😐

Lewis Butler

that might be an easter egg towards the half-life series with that guy, g-man or something?

Namita Shah


Duncan Liew

0:07-0:09 said "2 segments you know 2 segments you don't"

lσиєlу вυтαтσ

After watching this i wanna be a nun now

Juuso Mäki-Kuhna

Black widow looking like Prince charming from shrek

With the dirties look ever


Thats a flex seal fan right there

Tahmeed Matin

“Coby you can do it!"

I am never the one to start conversations and if u see me in public I'll just try to not look u in the eye and not talk at all


if your boyfriend asks you to send your nude picture, it means that he doesn't respect you. You only need to leave him and if you do that, you've showed that you respect yourself


Dat face when he is axing the flour lol XD ; )

Creek Mountain Riders

Picks up turtle PITA: 😡 reeee’s


I think that intro might just have been a "reference" to CinemaSins


You kinda sounded like IHE at the end there XD

Dylan Turner

Am I the only one who wonders about the girl who says dude perfect in every intro

Gitanjali Singh

When Tyler sings it sounds like Po from kung-fu panda

Muhammad Jasim

I saw the human skin


Wow I got wonder waffle from the boss

Blake the Pro 2008