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The title couldn't be I cReaTeD aN aDdIcTivE aPp tHat gIves children aNeorExiA

Fraser Gaming Tv

5:56 where did here job go


Cody is wrong because sound can only travel through non-vacum areas vacuum means an area with no particles.

MagicalGamer 724

OMG that last part was just as creepy as majora's mask. I can't tell if this is DLC, some new update, or a new botw.

Yoyo Mathew

What car is that ???


Mr top ten or the kevin kiermaier special he is a show boat and dives for every thing


A Bethesda game without a reference to Skyrim 🤔

alessianne dufour

Why did he do that ?!?!?!

Robert Pirie

Y'all should try a shot from 700 ft in the air in a helocopter

Peter Mook

aokey I know how you feel.

Abdullah Alghanim

Gg almost 50m subs


OW!!! did anyone else hear when the music just got really loud for like a second

Student Mar Niclos Gazulla

Why does Alex look as Marco (from Star vs the forces of evil) though 😁

Don Kennedy

Thank you for the warnings about the jump scares.


1:08 why do you want the ac on ITS SNOWING

Tropical Solar

Tom Clancy, Tom Clancy, Tom Clancy, Tom Clancy, Wii game, Hacker granny




THEREFORE IT'S NO GOOD! See I can use caps too, it's not hard

Alen Rovcanin

could you go back to earth for the rockets hit? would be awsome!



Jairo Machorro

Who is panda

Terrabite z



"Healthy people still get cancer."

Noel Lopez

i swear dude you should have like 3 times your subs right now you make amazing content and you deliver constantly ty for all you do

Faded Spark

Are these ur real stories

Faisol Ch

I love Dude Perfect ❤❤

Shoto Todoroki

Correction. You were not bullied for having an opinion, you were "bullied" because you were being homophobic. And your parents were wrong. Being intolerant is not ok. How would you feel if someone discriminated against you because of something that you can not change. The LGBTQ+ community is not something that is up to anyone else's opinion. What I think you don't understand is that your "opinion" hurts people. So next time don't go whining on the internet about how people react to your rejection of something that can't be changed about someone else.

Alex K.


Marjo Ilogon

I clicked on this video because of the giant ramen, but Alvin and Inga was so cute plus the sumo wrestler. I got distracted. Alvin totally goes with Inga's cute ideas. It's cute and funny how they don't really make eye contact hahahahah but it was so cute how Inga made the sumo wrestler close his eyes and lead him inside while holding his hands. Awwwwwe 💛💙😍



TheGalaxyCat_Gamer/ Vlogs

My fav is the 250 YD POOL PARTY