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Emilee Rivera

I always thought sumo wrestlers were so cute. Like they're so pure. I loved this video!

Devin Casey

Ricardo was fake but Dude Perfect was legit

Lucid Lilac

Why am I nauseous. If this bitch sold her all of the shit in her closet she could solve world hunger. Selfish glutinous people rule our world. Wake the fuck up people this shit is disgusting.

Adam Procházka

Hi, I've just wanted to point out that next to the zombie in the first easter egg is a golf club, which is possibly refference to the film to as a main character plays golf in a free time

Violet Gray

I had a very similiar thing back when I was 11. I was bleeding for 3 months straight cuz of my unstable period. I first got it when I was 8. It wasnt that bad since it was painless and Iove blood, it's our gift, but I can exactly imagine how bad u must have felt. You're very brave and strong, I wish u plenty of luck and health!💙💚

my name is jeff

Kakashi Hatake

Could i have a copy of that diary?

Brock Kridel


Africa Schools

Brandon Lara

Dak Prescott and the dallas cowboys

Martin Key


Deloris Goepel

I'm scared to tell my parents..

Anthony G

1:30 . Niqqas So Excited He Gunnna Fall Back ! (x

Supercar of Canada And in British Columbia

I miss Anthony


Wow everything to you people is a reference to the most dead meme ever. They wouldn't reference such garbage in a perfect game.

Brook Bridwell

panda is best at dancing

Ranjana Bengeri

I m your biggest fan I want u to defeat pewdipie, and also make a video on housework steriotypes and swimming pool steriotypes

Jules Klein

Congrats on trending!

Aman Berak

The bitch max is acting like ESPN as fox news.

Joshua Ray


Gjesika Palokaj

You know how is beautiful

Mohammad Tayyab

Hello I am from future and I AMgoing to tell you that next name 😉 in wheels unfortunate is CORYTIME MACHINE......

Danny Saeteros