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"only if you were in HD" lol 

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Panda :(

People are forcing u to study many garbage subjects even u don’t want to and school doesn’t teach things that ur interested

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But nothing happened so how would you know

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haha glad still have ps2 and this cod

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Anyone still Elsa to have a girlfriend?

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The laser is nowhere near the world's strongest go look at styropyro and see some real lasers

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Is it just me or is the Star Wars franchise sort of just running on fumes at this point? It just seems to be dependent on nostalgia rather than making anything new and interesting. To be honest, I'm sick of the Empire being the bad guys, I want something different. I know the EU had interesting villainous groups but since that's turned into Legends it's sort of pointless. It's become so played out, like what recent piece of mainstream Star Wars media has had the bad guys be anyone but the Empire? Genuine question because I do not know. With Star Wars coming under the Disney banner, I feel that it's plateaued in terms of creativity, and I fear I'm losing interest in the franchise all together. Nostalgia is fine, but I need more than that to be engaged long-term.

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disgusting we should be building bridges not walls!!!!!

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Sorry if i offend anyone but if the rumors are true in which elsa's partner is a girl, i'd stop watching disney

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can any humanss say no to 1 billion dollar?

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2018 anyone?



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1 like = 1 Keep on going for this girl

Well dont judge me i dont wanna feel pain

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I am a introvert I barely talk only through text I can express my feelings ......who's with me

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PART 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((

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Make a new video of blade blade blade blade

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Your so amazing